Belles Dragons

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5. "Me?"

~~“What do you me mean ‘me’? What have I done?” Elijah retaliated, taking a step away from Sebastian, using the wall to steady himself. Sebastian narrowed his eyes, tilting his head slightly to the left, carefully examining him. He placed the back of his hand on his head before retrieving it and cradling it in the other.
“Elijah you’re burning up,” he paused revealing his scorched hand, “In a very literal sense”. Elijah leant against the cool, white washed wall. Admittedly he had felt a little flushed but he had put it down to vast stressing and the warmth of the claustrophobic and humid restaurant he found himself in. He carefully inspected Sebastian’s hand.
“What happens now? This can’t ever happen again,”
 “Well,” Sebastian whispered, soothing his hand with a handful of ice, wrapped neatly in his handkerchief. “I know somewhere we can go, here in Paris. Go tell Claude you’ve decided to go back home. I will call your parents and assure them you are staying with Claude. What neither of them don’t know won’t hurt them.”
Elijah strolled cautiously back over to Claude, assuring him that he thought it was best to go home for the night whilst Sebastian meanwhile forged the voice of Mrs La Porte insuring Elijah’s parents that he would return later after having dinner with his son. Each operation had ran smoothly, maybe too much so.
Sebastian pushed him slightly as they made their way swiftly to the car, Elijah taking a seat and firmly fastening his seatbelt.
“Where are we going to go Sebastian? This isn’t exactly a problem my doctor can sort out.” Elijah sighed, leaning back into the leather upholstery that glowed in the caramel sunset. Sebastian laughed slightly as he kept a stable grip on the steering wheel and a steady gaze on the road ahead.
“I can assure you Elijah, We’re not going to a doctor. But, do up your top button. You need to look at least slightly presentable. Your friend Claude, not very smart is he. You’re always walking off and he never suspects a thing.”
“Observant. He’s not observant. However. He is extremely smart.”
“He’s clever. Smart has nothing to do with academic grades.” Sebastian muttered over the roaring of the exhaust. Most of the time Elijah just nodded and went along with Sebastian as often he spoke in riddles or vague expressions that Elijah had no energy to decipher.

He stared aimlessly out of the window, squinting slightly as the sun glared at his pupils. He looked up at the building that he passed. He saw a smug face greet him. Ezra sat confidently, brushing his curls from his eyes, a snarl curled upon his lips. He sat next to a girl. The one girl that Elijah had wished it hadn’t been. The one who’s blonde hair seemed to captivate his every glance. The one he’d forgotten about. Bonnie. Looking down at his leather shoes, he tried to avert his thoughts from his cousin and onto much more positive things such as the air freshener that Sebastian had placed within his car.

Meanwhile Bonnie sat, her violin rested lightly upon her knee, her eyes fixated upon Ezra.
“Thank you so much for helping me with this,”
“It is fine Bonnie, I can’t apologize enough for Elijah’s unreliable ways but he’s subconsciously selfish and consciously self-obsessed,” He smiled falsely, placing his hand lightly on hers. She recoiled slowly. He looked down, not wishing to turn crimson and yet managed to maintain a light shade of beetroot.
“Elijah is not that bad, he thinks he’s worse than he is,” She grinned back. “I think it’s all an act,”
“He seems to like you though,”
She laughed slightly. “I suppose he does, but he sure doesn’t know how to show it, standing me up and all,”
“Your phone call sounded very…aggravating,”
She laughed again.
“I’m just putting him in his place. I don’t hate Elijah, I’m actually quite fond of him. I just don’t want him to know that,”
Ezra scowled slightly to himself.
“And Why’s that?” he asked quizzically, leaning back into the air.
“I have only just worked out if your worthy of my name; my secret intentions are going to remain just that, secret.”

Sebastian pulled up on the pavement, before exiting the car quickly, barely parking it on the side of the road. Elijah stumbled out after him before stepping beside him, staring up at the wooden door. Sebastian knocked, three times in a rhythmic pattern. There was no reply. Sebastian didn’t seem phased by this and pushed his way through the wooden door frame, taking the full weight of the entrance on his palm, and then onto Elijah’s.
He turned the corner to see a small group of teenagers sat cosily around the fire that was laden with embers and scorched marshmallow, each one of them relighting the fire with their hands as it began to glow more dimly. A girl with auburn red hair that flowed down to her waist stood up slowly before quickening her pace to wrap her arms around Sebastian’s neck and embrace him in a hug.
“Scar, how are you doing?” He laughed, pulling away from her and holding her forearms to see her properly. “How’s your relationship with Miles? How’s Alec?”
“We’re fine thank you Sir, and Alec’s good. He’s really been keeping an eye on the place whilst you’ve been gone and here in Paris. We’ve only been here a week mind,”
“And yet the place still looks like it belongs on a bomb site,” He smirked. “Anyway whilst it is delightful to see you all,” he spoke addressing the whole room “We have a new one!” He stepped aside, revealing Elijah who slouched against the door frame.
Another boy hoisted up from the group, stepping forward his hand outstretched.
“Tobias, Tobias North,” Elijah shook his hand, straitening his back and also taking a step frontwards.
“Well, now were acquainted…sort of.” Sebastian started. “Can you find Xyla and send her up to my office? We need her expertise,”
He led Elijah to his office, directing him towards an armchair. Elijah promptly sat within it. A blonde female entered the room, her hips swaying and her lips pursed.
“Sebastian,” She murmured.  Elijah identified that she must have been Xyla. He smiled up at her pleasantly only to be greeted with a cold gaze. “What seems to be the problem?”

Sebastian raised his scorch hand. She nodded before kneeling beside Elijah, taking his hand lightly in his. She applied plastic gloves beforehand, yet still winced at the burning sensation.
“Can I ask a question?”
They nodded in unison.
“It seems stupid it’s taken me this long to ask. But why am I only now having ‘symptoms’”

“Well,” Xyla started, “It’s simple really. You mature. It’s different for everyone but at some stage your body develops at a point it believes you can cope. It first tells other dragons, then you began to feel it. You may have small out bursts as you are establishing but at some age you mature,”
Sebastian coughed in agreement. Xyla stared down at Elijah’s hand and then at the rest of his muscular arm. She decided he would need a particular dragon procedure which encompassed a blood transfusion of sorts.
“How’s Alec?” Sebastian pried.
 Xyla frowned up at him, shaking her head as she fumbled through a concoction of medicines and needles. She ignored him further as he repeated his question. She falsified a smile as she reassured Elijah, applying one needle into his right arm, attaching it to a spiralling clear tube. Elijah flinched slightly, gripping the chair tightly as his pupils dilated. The needles that burrowed within his pale skin, throbbed as a bright crimson fluid trickled through the cables. His fingers twitched and his palms sweltered as his locked his hand in fists. The veins within his arms pulsated vigorously, trying to keep a tight grasp on consciousness.
To some being able to endure extreme pain without many consequences seemed like the picture-perfect reason to be a dragon, yet that brought with it an insufferable need to stay conscious. He shut his eyes taking short, sharp breaths. He concentrated only on his thoughts. His heart began to slow to a gentle tapping, its beats audible over the sound of the stifled voices of reality. His stomach began to churn, burning and agitated. He gulped rapidly, replenishing his lungs of fresh air, also wheezing between each breath. His eyes flickered as the tube was slowly peeled from his skin and his lethargic form was injected with a fabrication of vitamins and minerals. The colour that had drained from his face was still absent but he could now feel his heavy limbs once again.

“Elijah, Elijah…” he looked up at the bare ceiling. And yet it wasn’t the once he expected to gaze upon. He turned on his side, to see his room lay out before him; his mother placing laundry in his oak draws.
“I’m glad you decided you come home Elijah. Ezra was really looking forward to seeing you. He spent the majority of yesterday with this girl called…Bonnie was it? He said you didn’t know her so I didn’t think to call you. Plus you made it very clear you didn’t want anyone else’s company other than Claude’s. You should really consider putting family first,”
Elijah had stopped listening at this point and began to unravel the previous night’s events, pulling his cashmere quilt above his head. He was too distracted by his thoughts to notice his mother’s glare and muttering under her breath as she exited the room.
Reaching for his phone, he placed it to the side of his face.
“Hey Bonnie. I wondered do you maybe want to go out tonight. I know I don’t deserve your company but I think I have some explaining to do. Just as friends.”
“Hey, I told you were not friends” she mocked down the phone “But I suppose I can’t pass up a free night out and you do need to apologize for standing me up all those times. I will come round at eight.”
He hung up smiling wider than he should’ve been. The phone call meant nothing and yet it meant everything. Whilst he was still unclear about the night’s happenings he knew what was to lay ahead of him.
He stumbled down stairs his palm clasped onto his forearm. He looked down at it to see two tiny puncture holes, each ringed in red, blood stains. He rubbed them with his sleeve as he entered the dining room.

“You looked like you’ve had the life sucked out of you Elijah,” Anna sighed. Usually he would’ve thrown back an insulting comment but today he settled with a subtle glare and a light laughter.  He felt that the situation was slightly too literal; he felt like the life had been taken away from him and in some senses parts of it had.
 He grabbed a pear from the fruit bowl, keeping his eyes away from Ezra’s long and wide gaze. Making his way into the street, he pulled the hood of his woollen coat over his head, its fur brim brushing against his angular cheekbones.

“Elijah! Hey! Elijah” He turned around reluctantly, staring at his feet then up at the sky. He looked upon the girl he had seen hazily last night.
“Scar-lett right?” He stuttered. She nodded.
“I thought we could talk? Over coffee?” He nodded back. Another boy strode up beside her, his eyes fixed on hers as he leant in to kiss her cheek gently.
“Sorry, Where are my manners?” He laughed, “ Miles, Miles Tarquin Carter”
Elijah nodded in acknowledgment. He felt slightly downgraded by his presence. He held such an aura of class and elegance in his grey jacket. He squinted at Elijah before taking a step towards him, looking closely into his eyes.
“Scar, Whatever Xyla did last night…he’s…resisting, he’s…advancing.” He placed his thumb on Elijah’s cheek to steady his flickering eyes. A small red vein lay beneath his eyes and a flame shaped imprinted on his iris. “Its getting much more than we had anticipated…can you call Sebastian…now?”

“It was observant of you to notice this Miles” Xyla whispered, shining a torch into Elijah’s taped up eyes. “Didn’t know you were such a doctor,”
“What’s Happened then Doc?” Sebastian asked, slinging his bags across the floor before joining them cheerily.
“His body is resenting it,”
“Resenting what?”
“ Him being a dragon,” Xyla whispered. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Its extraordinary,”
“Well I’m glad I’m so flipping interesting”
“Its beyond my comprehension Sebastian I’m sorry.”
Elijah ripped the tape from his eyes as he sprung from the chair he lay within. He barged out the room before sinking to the floor out on pavement, ignoring the busying streets of Paris. He heard the familiar tip-tapping of stilettoes pass his face which was lay on the ground. He looked up to see Dulce totting past flinging him daggers.
“Dulce” he whispered, pulling himself up onto the marble steps. She stopped to stare at him. She gazed from him to the cup of coffee repeatedly, before pouring its contents onto his ruffled tresses before crouching beside him.
“A small tip. When you start a relationship, be committed. Though I wouldn’t worry too much. I doubt dating will be a problem for you any time soon. Rot in hell Elijah.”

He didn’t care. Dulce had been a distraction and in the grand scheme of things, as selfish as it sounded, was a way of Elijah improving himself.

“Dulce” he whispered, pulling himself up onto the marble steps. She stopped to stare at him. She gazed from him to the cup of coffee repeatedly, before pouring its contents onto his ruffled tresses before crouching beside him.
“A small tip. When you start a relationship, be committed. Though I wouldn’t worry too much. I doubt dating will be a problem for you any time soon. Rot in hell Elijah.”
He didn’t care. Dulce had been a distraction and in the grand scheme of things, as selfish as it sounded, was a way of Elijah improving himself. Elijah was well aware of his twisted and self-obsessed view of life but ultimately everyone was out for themselves, and Elijah was one known to follow cult trends. Dulce had used him; he used her, indirect yet intricate trade. He used the corner of his sleeve to mop away the access cappuccino that streamed from his dampened locks.
“Coz you do not look your best” Said a sly and husked voice that towered above him. Elijah bit his lip in a slight smirk before standing up and Staring Ezra straight in the eye, not flickering even slightly, a smile painted upon his lips.

“I don’t want to talk to you,”
“Yes you do,” Ezra laughed, keeping up with Elijah who had meanwhile began to stroll away, shaking his hair, disposing of the excess coffee. Elijah shook his head in disagreement, quickening his pace, not daring to gaze over his shoulder. He shouldn’t let Ezra get to him the way he did and yet something about his demeanor made Elijah feel internally broken which was something Elijah didn’t feel often.
“I know what happened when we were children,”

Elijah stopped dead in his tracks. The world that enclosed around him seemed to slow down completely. The cars that passed by him seemed to silently trudge past as his turned so very slowly towards Ezra, his teeth gritted.
“And what would you be referring to? We did many things as children. Now if you don't mind.” He took two brief steps towards him so that his breath was noticeably warm against Ezra’s cheek. “Leave me alone. Or your suit won't be so...Immaculate.”
He turned on his heel to return back up the steps.

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