Belles Dragons

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2. "Lets Talk about Anna"

~~Sebastian Dawes was not one to wait for other people, or even one to take orders from other people. He couldn’t help but wonder why he had been assigned to Elijah but visibly it was within good reason. A small sound of an opening door beside him, startled him slightly as Elijah climbed quickly into the car. He traced his hands on the leather upholstery and seemed captivated by the wine cooler.
“Are you quite alright?” Sebastian asked, a smile crossing his lips. Elijah nodded, sitting down properly in his seat and sorting out his collar in the rear-view mirror.
“Your collar is fine…now concentrate.” Sebastian groaned, placing his hands up to his pursed lips. “I myself have still not been briefed on why I have been sent to council you. Do you have any Idea why you might be here?”
Elijah seemed to pale instantly, biting his lip until he could taste a metallic substance. Anxiously, he began to paw his hand through his hair, staring down at the ground meaninglessly. He looked up at Sebastian whose chocolate coffee eyes seemed deep with concern. He began to inhale a little deeper, closing his eyes tightly. His chest began to feel constricted and the upset in his stomach becoming more apparent but still all that was present in his mind was, Anna. He placed his hand on his neck, requiring the comfort and stability that it brought, try to control his breaths. His cheeks to continue to burn as he sat, hunched over, shielding his body.
He failed to hear Sebastian over his self-loathing, muttering thoughts but managed to compose himself enough to look him in the eyes, falsifying a smile.
“Nothing that springs to mind…” Elijah stuttered, laughing bitterly. Sebastian raised his eyebrows. What sat before him was not the self-involved and over confident young man who he had met just hours before. He seemed exposed, uncomfortable and nervous.

“Anything you say to me Eli, Is completely confidential.” He smiled, pitifully. Elijah laughed again a little more desperately. He couldn’t explain any of it, especially to some stranger who had declared himself his councillor.
“It’s…not something…I’ve ever discussed with anyone…” he whispered, undoing his cufflinks. He removed his blazer, putting it on the floor of the vehicle.

“It was about four years ago.” He murmured, leaning back into his seat. “And me and my sister Anna …I don’t really know what happened. I can’t quite remember. But I will try to recall as much as I can. We were left home, alone. We were staying with our aunt, who we both detested so it was a relief for her to leave. And I don’t remember what happened but we were playing in the Drawing room…and suddenly the room was ablaze, a blanket of red and orange silk. I remember dragging myself across the floor, powerlessly, towards where I could see. My vision was obscured by the low-hanging smoke and before I could make my way over I took several deep breaths. My world had finally stopped spinning and I was out cold. And I am convinced it in my fault”
“What happened then?” Sebastian asked, his tone harsh but his intentions kind.
“I got off lightly, with light scarring. But her… Anna she has visible scars plaguing her body and they never seem to fade and they cause her pain…especially at night but….”
“Elijah I need you to choose the way you word your next sentences very carefully and tell me exactly what happens” he breathed.

“I can absorb her discomfort…I know it sounds ridiculous! But my fingers blister and my arms scald…and you probably think I’m mentally unstable…you see why I don’t talk about this…your reaction…”
“How did the fire start Elijah?” Sebastian enquired, severely.
“I don’t know…we were just playing.” Elijah replied, just as darkly.
“Elijah look at me…”
“I am looking at you…”
“Yes but you’re not concentrating,” he sighed.
“You didn’t ask me too,” Elijah frowned, but concentrated none the less.

“Elijah I want you to think only of that night, clear your mind over everything else apart from that night.” Elijah frowned again, whishing not to have to dwell on the nightmare he never spoke of but something in Sebastian’s voice caused him to put all faith in him. He thought back to the anguish and the hurt, feeling the warmth soaring through his veins.
“Click your fingers…” Sebastian said, bluntly. Elijah raised his eyebrows at his demand of such a simple motion “Just do it for goodness sakes Elijah” Elijah kept concentrating and looked down and the palm of his hand which was currently sweltering. He slowly clicked his fingers, the resistance between his thumb and finger more apparent than ever before. His eyes widened as an Icy minor flame began to dance within his palm. He closed his hand suddenly, leaping back, towards the window.

“What the heck was that Sebastian…That was not normal…what the heck…oh gosh….this…this isn’t happening…” Elijah cried out in perplexity. “What sick…this is not right…this isn’t real.”
“My boy, this is very much real,” Sebastian exhaled, trying to offer comfort.
“Oh…My god…I started the Fire…how…how is this possible?” he exclaimed, rubbing his fingers over his palm.
“Elijah, there are many things we all fail to see in the world, things we overlook….things we deem impossible, things we dismiss as fiction when really if we look a little harder anything could really be there…only few are blessed to notice these things and you are one of these few.” Sebastian smiled, “Elijah you’ve never remembered what happened on that night because you have chosen not see what really happened because of how improbable in seemed.”
“What am I Sebastian?” Elijah stuttered, managing to control and supress his quaking.

“You are a Dragon, and one of large grandeur.” Sebastian sung, proudly.
“I am sorry, this is a lot to have to process,” Elijah muttered, breathing heavily once again. He looked closely at Sebastian. He couldn’t have weaved such a lie as this and, Elijah had seen it with his own eyes. “What does this mean?”

“It means Elijah that you can carry on with your life and every so often we shall meet and I will demonstrate to you how to practice and control your power. Nothing has to change,” he grinned, beginning to start up the car. “Let’s take a drive…shall we?” Elijah nodded, slumping back into the leather seats.
“Let’s talk about Anna…”
“I would really rather not,” Elijah squirmed, staring straight out at the horizon, purposelessly.
“Tell me about her,”
“Well she…she’s fifteen, a year younger than myself and…she…and I barely know her anymore.” He muffled, “She’s not even quiet…I’ve just shut her out since the incidence…”  Sebastian exhaled loudly.
“Maybe you should try to regain your relationship with her? Put aside everything that’s happened.”
“Oh you must be mistaking my family for being normal and functional.” Elijah laughed, leaning his head back and feeling slightly more comfortable.

“I can’t say my family is any different,” Sebastian admitted, looking out of the window, his fingers drumming against the wheel of the car. “I have a son…Alecsander….let’s leave it there. Your sister, you say her scars don’t heal and emit heat?” Elijah nodded, turning to face him more directly.
“She’s not one too is she? .....please tell me she’s not…”
“Much to your pleasure, no, she’s not. But she may have been before the incident, this is maybe why she is having such severe side-affects. Which means there is capability for her to still harness such powers as your own.”

“This is so complicated…” Elijah groaned.
“Okay, okay. Let’s change the subject…Why are you so hung up on this Bonnie girl,”
Elijah looked at him, his eyes wide and his eyebrows raised. “I overheard you and Claude,”
“There’s something about her, the way she doesn’t seem to care, the way she doesn’t fall for my charm,”
“Not something you’re used to is it Mr. Faultless,” Sebastian mocked, pulling into a lay by.
“No its not…it seems to work on the girls, especially the ones I’m not too interested in.”
“Dulce,” Sebastian chuckled, raising an eyebrow. Elijah sighed, Sebastian knew him too well. “Dulce Maria Cavendish; her father owns the School…”

“I know…and if he likes me…and I get my act together…I might get a Scholarship…” Elijah heaved a sigh.
“But your attendance is appalling…” Sebastian teased, laughing a little more loudly than usual. “But your grades are exceptional…I think you have a shot. If you drop your too cool to learn attitude,” Elijah smiled insignificantly.
“Thanks Sebastian,”
“Please, call me Seb” he smiled. “Well I suppose we better go back…it’s getting late.”
They began to drive through the streets, diverting down small passage ways in a bid to get home quicker. Elijah asked for the car to be stopped outside a small building, close to his house, bidding farewell to Sebastian and turned to enter the building.


~~The Hemming household was not one Bonnie wished to be a part of yet none the less she failed to voice this. Throwing her bags down into the large hallway she retired to the kitchen where her mother sat at the table, her phone in one hand and a selection of garments in the other.
"Hey," Bonnie smiled towards her mother. Her mother waved her hands, shooing her away before placing her phone up to her ear. Sighing heavily, She decided that any conversation she attempted to make would be wafted away therefore she made her way over to the cupboard taking out a box of biscuits.

"Bonnie there bad for you, have some fruit instead," her mother whispered, placing her hand over the mic of her phone. After a short conversation about crushed velvet and 'faux leather' Bonnie sat beside her mother and looked at her hopefully.

"So, there's this Photography course this summer and..."

"Bonnie, you have your Violin exams this summer, no distractions…" Her mother snapped, opening up her laptop. “Which remind me, you have a private in…twenty minutes”

"Mum, this may come as a surprise to you but I don't like Violin…or clarinet…or Piano.It's actually your dream, not mine."

"Bonnie," her mother laughed "You have been playing since you were three years old. You've never spoke about photography before."

"Or maybe you never listened." She sighed.

"Leave me in peace. I have work to do." Her mother exasperated, turning away to face the computer. She frowned at her mother before grabbing a different bag from the hall and storming straight back out of the house. She strolled lazily across the road to a small building with a glass front.

"Miss Hemming! The studio is open, feel free to go straight in." Said Rosalinda, the receptionist with the blue eyes that matched perfectly with the blue interior. She unzipped her hoodie and stepped into her black leggings and grabbing her violin. She walked into the studio, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Hey," breathed a husky voice from within the room. She looked up to see Elijah stood, beside his guitar, the usual grin he painted upon his face, absent.

"I thought you were meant to be with Barbie." She sighed, tying her shoes, which laces dragged along the floor.

“I had places to be instead,” Elijah sighed, trying to forget his conversation with Sebastian in the car. “I just had exam things to work on if that’s fine by you?”

"Fine but just keep out of my way..." She snarled, walking over to the ancient, ‘what they call retro’ stereo.

"Have you checked who your duet partner is yet?" He asked, leaning on the wall, trying to distract himself.

"Last time I checked you didn't even do orchestra..." She scowled, barely looking at him.

"I don't. Band however…I am pretty amazing. But according to that board you don't have a partner" he expressed, pointing over to the board beside him.

"So what? You want to do it with me, Twinkle toes?" She smirked, moving away from him.

"No. But I will practise it with you until you get a real partner..." he smiled.

"What makes you think I need your help? What makes you think I want help from you Elijah-I’m so obnoxious even my name implies it -Whittington-Smythe" She retorted, leaning backwards.

"Because you have awkward parents who force you into things and I know what that's like…You also need a partner…desperately" he sighed.

"Yeah right Elijah. Mr perfect has bad parents. Sure"

"Oh so you think I’m perfect?" He teased before returning to a gentle look. "I just want to help and hey maybe I could teach you to Samba?" He laughed, swishing his hips. She looked at him for a paused moment.

"Only because I don't have a partner. Don't think this means you're permitted to befriend me,"

"Wouldn't dream of it," he smirked, winking.
“So you have parent problems?” asked Bonnie, sitting on the floor re-stringing her instument. He sat beside her nodding.
“You could say that. And you?”
She laughed intensely,
“Yeah, my mother’s too busy with her Fashion line and my stepdad….he’s not worth talking about…”
“That bad? You always look so…” he smiled.
Bonnie smiled slightly, but to a lesser extent than usual. She looked at Elijah meaningfully, he didn’t seem his usual self-regarding, narcissistic and egotistical self, she decided not to voice this and concentrated on the music that was quietly singing through the close air.
“Your mother’s clothing is exquisite though, my sister begs for them each Christmas.”
“I don’t know why, they’re tasteless and overpriced” Bonnie scoffed, “Then again that seems to be your style,”
Elijah glowered somewhat,
“Why do you despise me?”
“I don’t despise you, it’s just an extreme dislike that’s all” she laughed, amused at her own witty commentary, her cheeks rosy. She looked out of the large glass windows to be greeted by a sight that made her face drop and her smile subside. “Ugh, my mother’s prying again, she’s waiting outside…I better go,”
“I’ll see you some other time then?” Elijah questioned, his smile hopeful.
“You’ll be lucky,” She smirked, grabbing her bags and walking away. He picked up his phone quickly, and strolled slowly home, placing it up to his ear.

“Sebastian…does this Dragon thing come with any other perks…Love spells?” He sniggered quietly, unlocking the door to the house, already hearing his name being muttered. “I have to go, I will call you later…”
“Elijah where the heck have you been?” he father raged, his face reddened and his demeanour aggravated and irate.
“Out,” Elijah replied, simply, not making eye contact and keeping his head tilted down towards the ground.
“Why do you have to be so demanding and difficult” his mother stressed, undoing her pearl necklace, rubbing her neck as she did.
“Don’t know, guess it has something to do with my up-bringing,” He grinned widely, shrugging his shoulders before strolling upstairs quickly. He contemplated just walking straight into his own room and sitting alone, as usual, or calling Claude and staying at him house, as usual but something significant that Sebastian had said rung clear in his mind. He stumbled down the corridor, knocking on the pale pink door that lay before him.
“ Anna,” He breathed.

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