Belles Dragons

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3. "Ezra"

~~“Elijah?” Anna asked, surprised, opening the door, her white blonde hair poking through the gap in the door, concealing her face. “Is everything okay?” He shook his head.
“No, I’m not sure it is,” he huffed. She opened the door wider, her green eyes wide with virtuousness, letting him through into the large room. The pastel pink door was an understatement of the room itself. It was a much more luminescent cerise colour, one that Elijah shielded his eyes from in Distaste.

“What can I help you with?” She replied, sitting at her dressing table, tying back her hair off of her face. Elijah smiled at his sister, perching on the edge of her bed.
“Nothing…I just...” Elijah anticipated telling her about Sebastian and what had happened on that night four years ago and what they both could’ve been, but his mind was brought back to the reality that if he did he might not be able to rebuild any bonds he had with his sister. “We never talk anymore…and it might be my fault,”

“Might be, Elijah” She asserted, spinning away from him, to face the large mirror behind her, preening herself further. “See Elijah…Our little sibling-ship isn’t like a Disney film. You can’t just knock on my door and expect me to drop everything,”
“Are you using ‘Frozen’ to make a point?” Elijah inquired, amused at his sisters use of Disney films.
“Yes, No. But you got my point, correct?” She grumbled. He nodded. Whilst he had not imagined a warm reception, such an icy response was a shock even to him.
“Yes but I can’t just ‘let it go’ and carry on like this” He tried to say blankly yet the corner his mouth curled into a smug smile.
“That’s not funny,” She uttered, placing her hand over her mouth in an attempt to trap her ever-escaping giggles. He smiled meaningfully at her.

“Yes it is,” Elijah chuckled, leaning back on the bed. He couldn’t help be overwhelmed by guilt, much in the way he had previously in the Car with Sebastian. He knew that this coldness and emptiness in their relationship was ultimately down to him. “I’m sorry…I really am,”
“Don’t be…It made me realise that I wasn’t really missing out,” she mumbled, not making eye contact with him. He sat up slowly, his jaw slightly lowered, his eyes stinging. After a life time of dishing out merciless insults, he had been relatively sure he could take them yet something deep within his chest began to restrict. 

“No…you right…this was a bad Idea…” Elijah croaked, clearing his throat as he stood up.
“Elijah wait I’m sorry,”
“Don’t.” he whispered, walking out slowly into his own room, laying back in his armchair, wiping his eyes with the edge of his shirt. He looked down at the tear-sodden sleeve of his school shirt, beginning to undo the buttons.

“Elijah, Annalise.” He heard his mother screech up the stairs, or he assumed she was screeching as she usually was. He grasped a grey-marled hoodie from the side of his bed, pulling it over himself as he ambled down the stairs.
“Yes Mother Dearest” He smirked, raising one eyebrow as he joined Anna at the table, leaning his head in his palm.
“Elbows off the table,” his father stressed, tapping his elbow, causing Elijah to lean back in his stool.
“Your aunt is coming to town this weekend.” Their mother sighed, yet still smiling to some extent. Elijah whipped out his phone beginning to tap his finger-tips against the touchpad.

“Elijah….What….are you doing?” His father asked, utterly confused.
“Claude is going to need times…” Elijah stuttered under his breath.
“Claude?...For what?”
“For when I go and stay with him for the entire weekend, you know…you can just text me the details later and I’ll pass the word on” he rambled, standing up. Before he could turn and sprint upstairs his shoulders were firmly planted back into his seat.

“Not this time Elijah, you are a part of this family and…” his father started.
“Unfortunately” he groaned.
“And,” he continued, biting his lip “You will act like it.” Elijah rolled his eyes, standing back up and shrugging his shoulders.
“I don’t see why…I don’t usually,”
“That seems to be the problem…” Anna breathed, heavily, leaning on her hand.  She looked up at him, her eyes wide with concern at her brother. Elijah sighed at her, scowling slightly before strolling back upstairs, hurling himself onto his bed, closing his eyes.

He couldn’t remember falling asleep but then again he never did but he was disorientated when awoken at seven in the evening by a small tapping from behind him.  He turned towards the door, raising his eyebrows at it. He pulled is covers around his shoulders, sitting up.
“Who is it?” he groaned, rubbing his eyes to make out the door more clearly.
“Uh…The cleaner?” said a lower voice.
“Come in,” he said, unenthusiastically, pulling the covers further around his torso. Sebastian peered around his door, draped in a bottle green tabard.
“Oh…What are you doing?” Elijah smirked, choking back laughter, beginning to make his bed as he entered the room.

“This was the only way I thought your parents wouldn’t be too worried that I just entered; I just said I was taking over from Jeannette.”
“How did you know about Jeannette? Where did you get her key? Did you kill Jeannette?”
“Good Guess? And No…That’d be extreme.” Sebastian grinned, sitting in the armchair, lighting a cigar. Disgusted, Elijah grasped his glass of water, pouring the majority onto Sebastian’s lap but still managing to drown the cigar as he did.

"Nice one...yeah nice one Elijah!" Sebastian spat through gritted teeth, trying to mop up the spillage with the shirt he found beside him. "I only have this on loan,"
"Oh I thought everyone owned a disgustingly green tabard," Elijah chuckled, handing him a towel and disposing of the sodden Cigar. He leaned against the window frame, looking out at the busying street below.

"It didn't go well with Annalise did it?" Sebastian enquired, saddened as he already knew the answer.
"That's an understatement," he sighed, placing a clenched fist against the window pane. "I didn't expect to be brother of the year, but I thought she might...but I don't even know her anymore."

"Don't say she will 'come round' or 'see sense' it's so cliche, not that this whole situation isn't,"

"If I had said that we both know I would have been damn right lying to you," Sebastian muttered, raising his eyebrows and slouching back into the chair. "I was going to say...don't give up won't get you anywhere,"

"Do I really look like someone who gives up?" Elijah asked, his brow creased.

"If I am honest Elijah, you look like someone who has never had to give up," Sebastian muttered, looking up from the book he had meanwhile accumulated from the shelf beside him. "You've been given everything on a silver platter; not all of us get that privilege."

“Okay, okay I get it, what do you want pity? Me to apologize for being privileged?” Elijah spat, rolling his eyes.
“You know you can take a day off from being ignorant once in a while, I wouldn’t recommend it too often though, I don’t want you ruining your reputation,”

“I think of you when I am lonely. Then I am content to be alone,” Elijah Leered, turning away to face the street.
“That one was poetic kid, it actually nearly hurt. Look, Elijah I’m all you’ve got in this. Don’t screw it up,” Sebastian pressed, leaning beside him. Elijah looked up at him exhaling loudly but nodded in agreement, placing his head in his hands.
“It’s a lot to take in,” Elijah whispered, looking up slowly, “it’s all so new to me Sebastian and I…ugh…Anna…and you and…”
“You really do your research don’t you?” Elijah laughed, but slightly flustered by the mention of her name.


“And that’s my cue to leave…” he whispered so only Elijah could just about grasp each word. “Wait…this is Rosewood house” he started looking out the window shocked, “….I’m looking for Lilac wood House….Sorry for the terrible inconvenience Miss Smythe. Can I call you Camilla? Guess not! Sorry once again” He scrambled out of the room, trooping down the stairs before exiting into the streets below.

“Who was that?” Elijah asked, playing on his innocence. His mother shrugged, leaning back on the door frame, phone in hand. He stood up taking the phone from her, smiling. “Mother, go to sleep. You need the rest and honestly, you look like death warmed up.” He laughed.

“Gee thanks Elijah, I do love you daily self-esteem crushers.” She laughed, wrapping her arms around him. “You’re an adequate son really,”

“Love you too mum,” He whispered, not really sure whether the words that were coming out of his mouth were entirely intended, pulling away from her and beaming as she walked slowly out of his room, bidding him goodnight.  He sat beside his window, placing the large phone against his ear, brushing his hair out of his hair.

“Elijah? You completely ditched us today,” Dulce and Claude spat down the phone.
“Dulce? What the heck are you doing over there?” Elijah asked, looking at the phone in surprise.
“Because, Elijah. You think because we all like you that you can just drop us whenever you like. But you can’t! And we are worth more than you.”
“Dulce…calm down. I had other commitments.”
“You always do,” Claude sighed, spitefully.
Elijah scoffed slightly at his remarks before putting the phone on speaker and pacing slowly up and down this room.
“I’m feeling very outnumbered…and I don’t wish to speak without my lawyer present.” Elijah said quietly.
“You’re such a conceited, arrogant little….”

“Sorry to interrupt!” said a hoarse voice that seemed to come from a new end of the phone call. Elijah looked up towards the phone, his eyes bright. “Although, your conversation really wasn’t interesting…at all.”
“Sebastian you never cease to astonish me,” he whispered into his sleeve, a smug grin painted upon his lips.
“Dude. Did you just hack our line? You just broke the Bro Code?” Claude asked, sounding a little more hurt and distressed than was necessary. A short but pleased laugh echoed down the phone line.
“If I knew what that was I’d be sure to break every single one of the codes, rules and guidelines…twice, I can assure you. I just wanted to say, Elijah had a very valid reason for not attending your insignificant gathering,”

“Continue,” Dulce breathed down the line, awkwardly.
“Well, yeah I was going to but you interrupted me So shut up while I talk... Elijah had a legal meeting in which was spontaneously planned in which Elijah had no choice but to drop everything and come quickly. This is a valid, believable excuse that you should believe.” Sebastian murmured, containing his amusement
“Fine, but who the heck are you? What are you like…60 old man?” Claude muttered down the phone, beginning to feel slightly stupid. The muffled sound of hanging up reverberated to Elijah and Claude’s end of the phone.
“He doesn’t take insults well, he’s sensitive.” Elijah laughed. “Talk soon Claude. We need to discuss the weekend.” He hung up leaning back on the wall, laughing harder.

He crept downstairs quietly, well aware of the time which was now extremely late. He could hear the stifled tone of conversation and managed to comprehend a couple of lines, his eyes shut to heighten his senses.

“I really don’t think that’s a good Idea…I know your my sister! But I don’t think having Ezra stay with us is a good idea…Elijah and Anna haven’t seen him for years…will they?...Will they get along?” His father whispered down the phone, keeping his hand close to the microphone.

The next morning, whilst sat at the dinner table, pushing his cereal around in his bowl he couldn’t help look at his father differently. Ezra had always been the most successful child in the family and his father had always adored his nephew so his sudden disinterest in having him stay was just that, sudden.
“Elijah can you please clear out two of the spare rooms when you get back tonight?” His mother asked
“I’m actually busy tonight…” he started but after a stern glare from his mother, he nodded in compliance. “ Happy to assist”
Walking to school was not its usual expedition. He walked straight past Claude’s house, keeping his head down and his coat wrapped tightly around him, concealing his face.
“You look like your hiding from someone Elijah,” Said a deep, yet oddly smug voice. He turned around leisurely. He gazed upon the tall, dark haired boy whose dark brown eyes sparkled with sarcasm.
“Ezra,” He addressed him, slouching on the lamppost beside him. “ You’re not due till tomorrow and while I am impatient some things don’t need to be rushed,”

“That was the warm reception I was looking for,” Ezra smirked, running his hands through his shadowy tresses. “Anyway, are you expecting me to have to make my own way to my new school,”
“Yes,” Elijah replied bluntly looking him in the eye no longer phased by his persona.” Wait what,” he took a slight step towards. “You’re transferring here?”
“Why do you think you’re clearing out two rooms Elijah? I’m staying for good. And you’re going to learn to like it. Now which way was it to the school? Oh and don’t look so upset mate, it ruins your whole ‘I don’t care’ Image which I’m afraid seems to be working out better for me than you,”

He watched as Ezra sauntered into the distance, his jaw clenched and his knuckles white from clasping onto his satchel, angrily.
“Who the hell was that?” Sebastian asked, side stepping beside him, cigarette in hand, his eyes wide with concern. “He had neat shoes,”

“No! No he didn’t…”
“I wonder where he got them,” He continued, squinting at the horizon. Elijah stared at him in disbelief “they could be designer,”
“Can you forget the flipping shoes please? That’s really not important!”
“But they were suede,” Sebastian Stressed raising his eyebrows and staring down disappointed at his own leather shoes.
“I don’t care. I wouldn’t care if they were made from the hide of a unicorn. That’s my damned cousin Ezra and we don’t compliment him on his taste in foot wear.”
“Oh right…even if they are suede?”
“Especially if they’re suede.” Elijah glowered, sitting down on the bench beside him. “Ugh, I don’t even understand why he’s here. He’s been studying in America and why he has to now come stay with us is seriously a mystery to me,”
“A mystery we can…deduce?”
“Sure Holmes, knock yourself out. But seriously. He being here is the worst thing for everyone right now,”
“He just seemed like a cockier version of you Elijah, I’m sure there is nothing to worry about!” he smiled light-heartedly.
“Did you actually just insult me twice in one sentence?” Elijah sighed, looking up at him slightly offended.
“No, Well I didn’t mean to but seriously Elijah I don’t think you should worry about Ezra. You a dragon Elijah, what’s he?” Sebastian whispered, his eyes bright. Elijah nodded agreeing with him. They made their way into the coffee shop that was just a brisk walk down a small side street. Sebastian began to button up his navy blue coat, which seemed to almost trail the floor, rolling up the sleeves that swamped his wrists. Elijah sipped nervously at his second espresso, staring out the window.
“Stop being so unreasonable and paranoid. Anyway, I want to see you after school, we need to begin to talk about the situation,” he murmured, looking towards his own palm and then to Elijah’s.
“I can’t, I’m playing perfect child for the weekend,”
“Fine. Can you do one o clock?”
“Can you do Latin?”
“Fine,” Sebastian sighed, finishing off his drink before bidding him goodbye. He walked slowly through the streets, reaching into his pocket and taking out his phone. It vibrated in his hand, thus his placed it up to his ear, accepting the call.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Bastian!” shouted a familiar voice down the phone, “I mean…Mr Dawes,”
“Scarlett Leonardo. Well I wasn’t expecting a call from you. How is everything? Running smoothly I hope? Good. Now I actually could do with your help. How do you fancy a small holiday? Yes, everyone. Paris. Well I will see you soon, Good bye Scar,” He laughed slightly before hanging up

Meanwhile Ezra made his way through the busying and bumbling crowd, swearing under his breath. He stopped at the side of the street, taking out his tourist map and holding it up into the light. With his free hand, he buttoned up his coat now swearing loudly. He gazed aimlessly around the road, utterly perplexed.

"You look a little lost," said a quiet voice, followed by a soft laugh. Bonnie walked up beside him, her camera in one hand and a latte balanced in the other. He shook his highly-held head." Well then you have that vacant model look down to a fine art”

"Ezra," he smirked, out stretching his hand. Bonnie shook it lightly before beginning to walk past him, "Are you not going to tell me your name?"
"I haven't worked out if you’re worth knowing yet!" She laughed, beckoning for him to follow. He studied her carefully and couldn't help noticing how perfectly put together she was. The accuracy of her eyeliner to the perfect cropped locks of white upon her head.

"You do know staring's rude," She turned to him, her arms folded lightly and her eyebrows raised. He turned away nodding slightly, his cheeks crimson.
"So little red riding hood, why are you so lost in the forest?" Bonnie asked, sipping at her coffee, her mouth curled at a smile.
"I guess grandma didn't want me," he smiled back, referring to the conversation he had endured previously. Bonnie laughed gently, shielding her giggles with her now free hand. They walked slowly over to the school gates.
“I must leave you here but you’ll be fine. Just look for someone to sit with and I’m sure everyone will be friendly. Oh and I’d stay away from all the girls for now, especially Dulce Cavendish,”
“Why her?” He asked, intrigued.
“She dates Elijah Whittington-Smythe and If you’re looking for popularity I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of him, anyway I have to be off. See you later,”
Ezra’s mouth curled into a slight smile as his cousin’s name rolled off of her tongue. He knew it wasn’t wise to use people for popularity but taking an interest in his cousin’s life couldn’t hurt and Dulce Cavendish seemed just the way to do it.

"Who's that?" Dulce gawped, grasping Claude's arm. He looked down disapprovingly, prying her freshly manicured hands away from his bicep. Claude looked up, focusing his gaze over to where Bonnie had stood. There stood a boy of average height. His hair dark hair that had contrasted with her pure white crop was sprawled over his face but there eyes stayed fixed on each other as she walked away, unaware of other prying ones
"I’m not sure, I don’t know him,” Claude mumbled, once again removing his arm from Dulce’s tight grip. She walked over to the boy, her head high and her hair flowing behind her like streamers.

“Hello,” she smiled at her, her eyes wide and her eyelashes fluttering. He studied her carefully, much like he had done with Bonnie. She too was beautiful but seemed to try much harder than Bonnie at looking perfect so much so resembled that of plastic.
“Hey,” He replied coolly, brushing his hair out of his gaze. “Ezra, and you are?”
“Dulce, Dulce Cavendish,” She smiled, bearing perfectly white teeth and also brushing her hair out of her view.  A smirk began to play on his thin lips as she spoke softly. He took a small step towards her.
“A pleasure to meet you, I’m new and I hate to admit it… a little lost. Do you think you could help me out to my first lesson?” He asked, his eyes large and innocent and his mouth curled into a flawless smiled that created small dimples in each cheek.

“Well,” she said, tracing her hand over his, taking his planner, “We both seem to have Drama…but that’s it I’m afraid. It’s a little ridiculous how separated we are but Drama, Music and Games are mixed genders so I’m sure I can help you out during those.” He took back his planner slowly, his smiled subsiding to discreet smugness. Claude walked over unhurriedly, his brow creased and his hand outstretched.
“Claude, Claude La Porte,”
“Ezra,” he replied, shaking his hand firmly, not really making eye contact “So,” he turned to Dulce, “Which way to Drama?” She pointed over to a large staircase and began to lead his way up to a large studio, equipped with a large stage a large satin curtains, tucked away in ropes. She patted the seat beside her, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back into her chair. A young, slim looking women stepped forward into the middle of the room, flattening out the creases in her pastel pink skirt.
“Now,” She began, “You think now you’re in the 5th year you no longer have to try in Drama. You think, “No miss, I’m too cool for Shakespearian or for acting in front of my peers. Well I’m afraid that doesn’t work with…”
“Sorry I’m late miss…” Elijah muttered as he swung through the large door. He made his way over to wear Dulce sat, her head tilted towards the ground. He widened his gaze to see Ezra smiling up at him self-righteously, from Elijah’s claimed seat.
“Well can we not waste any more time and choose a seat?” She called across the room. He nodded slowly, keeping his eyes secure on Ezra as he took his place near the front of the class.
“So,” She continued. “We are finally focusing on Romeo and Juliet…Dulce and…companion. Stand up.” Elijah watched, horrified and Ezra and Dulce stood up, shoulder to shoulder before stepping out into the middle of the stage.  “We all know the famous sonnet, so could you perform that?”
“…Miss! Surely…uh…surely the sonnet should be performed by two people who actually have chemistry between eachother…”
“Elijah that is what acting is, falsifying that chemistry and I am sure Dulce and…?”
“Ezra,” he spat.
“Yes and Ezra are more than capable.”
“Pipe down Elijah,” She glared, turning back to the rest of the class. Ezra stepped in close towards Dulce, taking her hand passionately within his own, pulling her stage left gently.
“If I profane with my unworthiest hand  This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this” he began to whisper.
By this time Elijah had ceased listening and was glowering at the floor, his jaw clenched; his teeth gritted. His palms began to burn, he looked down suddenly, half expecting to see an eruption of flames but all that was present were slightly scorch marks on the base of his wrist. After adopting a sullen look upon his face he began to glance up at the performance as it was repeated, time after time. He laughed to himself bitterly, crossing his arms in front of his chest. Ezra had nothing he did, he was the lesser, the inferior, or so Elijah liked to think. His stomach began to tighten with envy as he tried to conceal his flushed cheeks with hands. His hands twitched slightly as he hunched his shoulders staring once again at his feet. He was fully unaware that the scene had finished moment ago but his anger still brewed with in him. Elijah couldn't deny, he no longer had the upper hand.




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