Belles Dragons

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6. "Claude La Porte,"

"Are you alright?... no bad question...Is he Alright?" Sebastian stressed, his hands placed firmly onto Elijah's shoulders, pressing down lightly. He shrugged away Sebastian's prying hands, shrugging away his questions whilst he was at it.

"We are perfectly fine," Elijah sighed, pushing against the door back into Sebastian's abode. It wouldn't have been unfamiliar to Sebastian to sit with a troubled boy as he wallowed in his problems but listening to Elijah drone on about everything began to take its toll.

"Elijah, you're clearly quite Ill and you're choosing to worry about your cousin?" He raised his eyebrows. Elijah rolled his eyes before subsiding into his chair.

" You're right, you're right. Well what are we going to do about my little health dilemma?" He questioned, resting his cheek in his palm.

"What ever we can,"

“And what is that?” Elijah questioned, not quite reassured by Sebastian’s words.

“I think I know someone who can help,”

Only a couple of hours later Elijah found himself drenched in aftershave, despite his lack of facial hair in the first place. Tying his tie loosely around his neck, he leant towards his mirror to inspect it. The knock that echoed at the door seemed to seep through Elijah so that he momentarily lost his footing whilst sprinting down the staircase. Swinging open the door, he seemed just as a flushed as she did.

“Bonnie,” He announced, an unmasked sense of fear swept over him. Grinning up at him, trying to ignore his flustered appearance, she pulled him by the sleeve. He studied her much like he had before but this time he saw someone different.

“Bonnie, why are we doing this?” He blurted out, before cupping his hands up to his mouth to stop more words from craftily escaping.

“What do you mean?” She asked, stopping in her tracks. He took a stunted yet deep breath.

“ Bonnie, I have let you down about a million times and before that I was just some High-school ass who barely knew you and now you’re basically with my cousin.”

“Cousin?” She echoed,

“Ezra, my cousin Ezra.” He managed through gritted teeth. “And after all that you still ask me to come out with you,”

“Like I said,” She smiled, “ You have quite a lot of grovelling to do and somehow deep down under all of those conceited layers, and if I’m frank there’s quite a few, you seem like a really decent guy Elijah,” she paused for breath, “ So if you don’t mind, you are going to accompany me on this fine evening with some fine dining,”

Elijah halted for a moment before breaking into a grin, followed by a short laugh as she made her way into the bustling street. After a  few- utterly illegal but ultimately owed from a favour- cocktails in the private function room of Elijah’s dear friend Paolo’s restaurant, Elijah and Bonnie both seemed oblivious to each other's differences.

“You look beautiful,” Elijah started before sighing heavily, embarrassed at his cliche commentary. Bonnie looked up at him, her eyes wide and innocent almost as if in utter surprise at Elijah’s commentary. Her rouged cheeks lifted in a large grin before softly kissing his cheek. Before Elijah could react, Bonnie had pulled away in a sudden shyness, taking another swig from her glass.

“I am...I didn’t mean to…” She stopped before finishing her sentence to see Elijah smiling at her, his face beaming as he let out a small, husky laugh. She tilted her head slightly, studying his face. Tracing each of his prominent features with her gaze she too widened her smile.

“So Ezra is your cousin?” Bonnie questioned, leaning forward as if his response would be inaudible. “ He seems, forward, manipulative; I dont give people like that the time of day,”

“ I must be so lucky then,” Elijah joked, only it came out like a slur more than a sentence.


“Ezra isn’t a nice person is he?” Bonnie sighed seriously into her glass. Elijah shook his head vigorously; sober or not, he knew what hatred felt like.


Elijah knew that the next day had been like any other day. He had sat through two hours of arithmetic and three hours of science which left only one more lesson of which he would not be attending. Due to prior agreements Elijah saw Latin as a rarity and almost cherished it torturing charm. He walked quickly, his head phones placed carefully in his ears and his music singing softly into them. He slumped heavily into the chair outside the large blue door that had become ever so familiar that even the peeling matte paint seemed comforting. He took out his ear phones, shoving them into the side of his satchel. He looked down, the silence of the corridor that had once unnerved him,  now feeling at ease. An unlocking sound clinked above him. He looked up, expecting to be greeted with the sarcastic and pitying face of Sebastian Dawes yet was met with the polite smile and white blonde hair of a  familiar face. He stood up abruptly, maneuvering past her awkwardly and slamming the door once he was on the inside of the room.
"What was that? And why the heck are you counselling Bonnie Hemming?" He bellowed, his knuckles white and his fists clenched.
" I tried to tell you,' he mumbled, taking slow sips of his coffee.
" No, no you didn't!' Elijah replied in a less that calm manner.
" Maybe you didn't give me a chance!" He shouted back, now standing up, towering above Elijah. "Pull yourself together, you're acting like a fool,"
"First you explain." Elijah stated, bluntly. Sebastian sighed rolling his eyes and hauled himself onto the desk before sitting crossed legged and leaning on the palms on his hands.
"Basically, I met with Senior Miss Hemming after you went AWOL and we had coffee. She spoke of concerns for her daughter and she heard I was a counsellor therefore I took her up on the offer as your problems began to bore me and I needed some change. I didn't at that point know she was a dragon but that session just proved she was. So there you go Elijah your secret crush is a dragon and also not so secret anymore."
"Bonnie...knows I like her?" Elijah questioned, looking down at the floor in disbelief.
" Really that's the point you focus on. You amaze me sometimes...
"Wait. The truth please,"
"I didn't know she was a dragon."
Elijah's face dropped.
" And most of all. I didn't know she was the best Dragon doctorate."
"And your hiring her to cure me..." he sighed, perching on the edge of a nearby desk. " This...I...there's nothing to say on the matter,"
"You feel betrayed, don't you? Just remember you didn't tell her you were a dragon. She's not in the wrong."
"Its different for me..."
"Its not Elijah. You're just difficult."

“Though,” Sebastian started, “ I am starting to see what you mean about Ezra, he doesn’t seem as...delicate as I previously thought. I mean don’t me wrong, I knew he wasn’t the sort I liked but I just thought it was petty teenage drama. Oh, wait, right that stuff means a lot to you youths, it is a shame you have actual problems,” he cocked his head sidewards. “ You failed to mention that you two now had a thing. And underage drinking in your state of health Elijah? Not very wise.”

"Don't lecture me," Elijah drawled, throwing himself around the room.

“Don't lecture you? If I don't, I’m afraid no-one will and honestly your a pain in the arse Elijah,” Sebastian laughed coolly. “ Don’t make any plans for tonight, We’re busy,”

Meanwhile, Claude stood awkwardly in the street. There was no doubt about whether he felt utterly out of place and yet he was obliged to stay

"Claude La Porte,"

"Ezra," he sighed, turning ever so slowly to face him.
"I think we need to talk," he snarled, a smirk permanently fixed upon his lips .

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