A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


154. June 3rd

It has arrived,

Overnight if has sprung.

Groaning towards the sun,

Our jungle has come.


Joyfully we greet it,

Hypocritically loving it

For truly we believe

It is full of evil.


None will express their aggression,

For the jungle is vast and powerful.

No man could survive its wrath,

Not one can control its actions.


Yet when in winter it goes away,

We mock it, hate it and despise its name.

We mask our emotions in its power

But in winter it cannot hear.


We thought it was safe,

We did not know,

The jungle is back now,

And it knows our thoughts.


It pillages our villages,

And kills our friends.

No mercy does it show to mockers,

It dishes out punishment ruthlessly.


It is right to do what it does,

For it gave us forewarning of its threat.

Yet we all rejected it,

Following our own selfish ways.


The trees therefore can be angry,

Righteous anger rages.

They now will not stop,

Until they have finished their task...

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