A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


176. June 25th

They are the unlucky ones,

They were chosen

Chosen to die.

Why here?

Why now?

Selected at random,

They killers don't care,

Don't care.

Life, death,

Who cares.

Just three more lives,

What's the difference?

Those three clearly did not matter.


How quickly one can end another's life,

Yet repairing that deed is


No one can resurrect the dead,

Not one can bring them to

Life again

Life again.

One chance at life,

One chance at death.

What else is certain?


They stand their sad,

Their life no longer in

Their bodies.

They were killed for


Those unfortunate trees

Stand tall yet they are dead.

We are forced to see everyday,

Their corpses,

Their bodies.

We are the unlucky ones.

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