A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


49. February 18th

He hides in the dark

Waiting for a chance,

The perfect time to

Surprise the unexpectant.


He knows your fears,

Your worst nightmare.

Whatever frightens you most,

He knows about


Everything about you,

Is known by him,

Your innermost secret,

He knew from the start.


Who is this I speak of?

Who is this all-knowing being?

Who scares and frightens you?

Who is your worst enemy?


Even the greatest,

Have their downfall.

The bravest of all,

Are scared by him.


You cannot hide,

Nor conceal yourself from him.

It is not possible,

No one can!


Maybe this is all made up,

And none of this is true

But the worst enemy of all of us,

Has to be ourselves!


Some think not, but can you,

Hide or conceal yourself,

From yourself?


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