A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


220. August 8th

The gloom of dusk comes slowly on,

Bringing the night with it.

Though unlike the gloom of dawn,

There is no sun to follow.


Hideous shapes spring out of the shadows,

Toying with my fearful mind,

Toting with the weaknesses of others

And taking advantage of them.


The trees have behind each and every one

Vicious foxes and rabid deer,

All these things the night makes up,

Playing with my mind.


Despite the fact that only crickets

Are making any noise tonight,

My minds concocts for me an array

Of frightening, disgusting noises.



Though harmless,

Causes harm,

Though quiet,

Makes noise,

Though concealing,

Reveals horrors

And though natural,

Creates unnatural, frightening experiences

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