A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


108. April 18th

One sunny day all was fine,

Mother and two boys about to dine.

Father away for work all day,

They waited around the clock and said:


"Don't you wish we could fight in the army,"

"No I think it would be barmy!"

"Well believe it or not that's where you're going,

Father's sorting it out today but first the sowing."


They all went out and the ploughed field,

Sowed some seeds to produce a yield.

When it was done 'bout six o'clock,

They heard on the door a sharp knock, knock!


“Father’s home at last,” they said,

And saw him when they came out the shed.

“Hello,” they cried to him loud,

And there he stood smiling proud.


He told that he had enrolled the boys,

And then they expressed their surprise.

There sheepish standing in wonder,

In a week they would be soldiers.


Working in trenches all day long,

Wanting only to hear a song.

Food was biscuits hard as rock,

This whole experience was quite a shock


Then one day just after noon,

The soldiers were told that very soon.

They had to, without question, attack

In order to gain the land back.


Then they said their prayers that night,

And in the morn went out to fight,

They were told they would fair fine,

Yet one brother was wounded and the other died.


He went home to visit his parents’ cottage,

Who asked him about his brother.

Then solemnly he shook his head,

I’m afraid to tell you he is dead.


One sunny day all was fine,

Parents and son about to dine.

All was fine except for them,

Who had lost a beloved one.

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