A Poem a Day

During the year 2015 I have chosen to take on a challenge to write a poem everyday. I will try to put them all here everyday.


107. April 17th

Remember: memories come flooding back,

Reliving moments again and again,

Remember the harsh winter nights and

The warm sun on your back, remember.


Remember the picnics basking in the sun,

Lying on the lush green grass,

Sipping cool glasses of ginger beer,

And eating cold meat sandwiches.


Remember the red-brown leaves falling from trees,

The shiny round conkers littering the ground,

The light of day lapsing faster each day,

And the weather turning cold.


Remember the sledging down snow-covered hills,

The beautiful dusting of icing sugar,

Covering the land and the trees.

Everything still, everything bleak.


Then in spring flowers again

Colours, radiant everywhere,

Brightening up the world after snow

Warming the atmosphere.


All these things stick in the mind,

Engraving themselves into the brain,

Thinking back to the past,

Do you remember?

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