The concert (15+)

Jessy a regular girl goes to a her first 1D concert where she meets all the boys backstage and catches the eye of Niall horan

This has a lot of strong language and sexual scenes so it's set for mature readers �� (it's also my first movella)


2. Nialls POV

I remember this beautiful girl walking in and she caught my attention fully. I dont know what came over me but I offered to walk her out then all if a sudden I fully her into the cupboard kissing her all over. She looked confused but seemed okay with it " you okay beautiful?" I asked her. She nodded her head so I continued. I was leaving love bits all up and down her neck and my hand slowly started to go up her top and I fiddled with her breast. They were huge! I heard her let out a soft moan so I pressed my lips against hers.


Jessy's POV

Niall started by kissing me leaving love bits every and it was so fucking good! I didnt want him to stop I just wanted him to carry on. As soon as he got to my breasts I soft moan escaped my lips and he presses his mouth again mine causing his tongue to explore my mouth. I felt his big hands rub against the inside of my thighs as then he slipped his hands into my pants and fiddled around with my thong. He entered me with his fingers and started to slip them in an out and rubbing his thumb against my clit with caused me to moan in pleasure even more. Once he had finished he grinned at me them pulled my pants down and unzipped his pants. He picked me up causing my legs to wrap around his waist and slid his length inside of me. He violently slammed me against the wall, but I didn't mind. We both moaned in pleasure " I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. He giggled "don't worry baby, it's okay" he said in his thick Irish accent. He carried on thrusting in and out if me until he stopped and panted because he was out of breath, so did I. "Did you like that sexy?" Niall asked me. I don't know why but I actually did even though I have never met him before "yeah. Will I ever see you again?" I didn't want this to be a one time thing, I wanted more of Niall. He pulled out a piece if paper and have it to me and then exited the cupboard. It was his number. I smiled to myself then I left to go back to Ella.

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