The concert (15+)

Jessy a regular girl goes to a her first 1D concert where she meets all the boys backstage and catches the eye of Niall horan

This has a lot of strong language and sexual scenes so it's set for mature readers �� (it's also my first movella)


3. jessy's POV

I wanted to see nail again, and just be with him. At the concert it felt so right when I was with him even though I had never met him. I remember him giving me his number but I'm to scared to call him. I had never had a boyfriend or anything, but finally I entered the digits In my phone and range him" hello" the Irish accent was just the most amazing thing to her again" ermm... Hi it's Jessy.. You know the girl you jagged in the cupboard.." U cant believe I just said that. What the actual fuck" ahh the cute pretty one" u blushed a bit and agreed with him. We talked all night and it went a lot ether than planned. " I want to see you again so we can't get to know each other" Niall finally came out with " okay" I gave Niall my address and he agreed to pick me up at 3" okay I'll see you tomorrow" u said" night night beautiful. See you tomorrow" I hung up then as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep. I had been on the phone all night.


"BEEP,BEEP" the sounds from my alarm clock rattled all around me room finally waking me up. I got out of bed and went straight to the shower. I don't eat breakfast. After my shower u dried my hair and lightly curled it. My make-up was very natural and I wore my black ripped jeans, converses and my white long sleeves crop top with my leather jacket. Niall was going to her at 3 so I sat and waited for him.

Once he arrived it was awkward getting into his at braise I had never met him properly and he was basically a stranger to me" hey" he said kissing me lightly on the cheek " hi" I said back" so where do you want to go?" I shrugged "okay I know the perfect place" he grinned and drove down the road in his posh rove ranger.

I'm sooty for the boring chapter and I did rush it abit but I will update to tomorrow and will make a better chapter . Kiera xx

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