The concert (15+)

Jessy a regular girl goes to a her first 1D concert where she meets all the boys backstage and catches the eye of Niall horan

This has a lot of strong language and sexual scenes so it's set for mature readers �� (it's also my first movella)


1. jessy's POV

"Oh my god! Thank you Ella I love you so much!" I jumped into my sisters arms once I opened to envelope so show me I was going to my first one direction concert and was going to meet the boys backstage. It was my 16th birthday and it was the best present ever!! I was going next week.

***one week later***

I woke up giving off a slight groan then automatically looked at my phone to check my Facebook. I reluctantly climbed out of bed to go and run a shower. I got in the shower letting the water run down my body and through my hair. I got out of the shower and dried my hair in the bedroom and curled it slightly. I added my natural make-up with cat eyes eye-liner and a light pink lipstick. "C'mon Jessy hurry up! We have to go!" Ella shouted from downstairs. I stuck my Aztec crop top on with my ripped skinny blue jeans, and my Nike air max one with a black biker jacket to finish it all of. I went downstairs and soon me and Ella got in the car to go to the concert in Manchester

***skip car ride***

As soon as we arrived there must if been about thousands of girls screaming and queuing up." Do you want anything to drink?" Ella asked me when we got to the front "yeah,Pepsi please." Once we entered the concert one direction was singing and I felt like I was gonna faint! "Midnight memory's ohhwoohh!" They must of been singing for at least 3 hours but it was great! Now I got to meet them.

Me and Ella lined up out side if a door with loads of other screaming girls and was waiting to go in. I was so nervous! What if I messed up! Ella wasn't coming in with me because she wanted it to be special for me. "Erm hi.. I'm Jessy" it was so awkward I wanted to scream "hello Jessy" a thick Irish accent hit me and I turned to see it was Niall. He was so fucking hot! " so how are you Jessy would you like an autograph" u turned to see that Harry asked me and I nodded. I saw in the corner of my eye that Niall was constantly starring at me, which made me blush a little bit." Here you go!" Said Harry passing me the autograph" remember thank you bye" they all waved at me but Niall so. Shot up fro. His seat " ill lead you out" I looked at him then we started walking. He soon pulled me into the cupboard and started to kiss my neck " what are you doing?" He looked at me for about 2 minutes " you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life!" I was confused and he went back to gently kissing my neck. If he was a hither boy I would of not let this happen but it was Niall fucking horan! He carried on kissing my neck and slowly his hand strayed to travel up my Aztec crop and he started to massage my right breast. He did know me at all but he knew how to turn me one" would you like me to continue sexy?" He whispers in to me ear. I nodded and latex back. He bid his bottom lip and his mouth met mine and our tongues staters to wrestle. I have no fucking idea what I was doing.


Hey guys 5 likes for another chapter and I know it's abit confusing but obviously Niall has a crush on this girl he has never met and wants to make love to her but will Jessy fall in love with him?

5 more like for another chapter and it's my first movella so I hoped you have like the boring bit of the story 😂 love you guys, Kiera 😘xx

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