MockingInk *3rd Writing Games*

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Commencing January 31st - apply before this date!

Tribute to previous 2-time winner, Prodigy.
Cover made by the amazingly talented River Summers


4. Updates (Important)

So, firstly I apologise that we're a few days behind schedule. Zoe is packed full with school work so she hasn't really had the opportunity to update this, so we're helping out.


We have reaped the districts that have volunteers:


Did you miss me?I'm Moriarty! is the Romance tribute;

Lilac Niall is the fault in our stars tribute;

Angel Castiel is the film and TV tribute; 

E.H. Weaver is the Paranormal and Supernatural tribute;

Quin is the Thriller and Horror tribute;

Evalynne Shadownight is the Dystopian tribute;

Lyra Grace is the Realism tribute;

Shinigami: Mikioaka is the bandoms tribute; 

Lost in a Candyland Café is the journalism tribute;

Anna Elizabeth Parham is the 1D tribute;

Blue Ivy is the Other Genre tribute! 

Factionbefourblood is the Sci Fi tribute;
Mercury Chap is the Divergent tribute;
Sappho the second is the fantasy tribute;
Watchflame is the Percy Jackson tribute;
Lavern2002 is the adventure tribute;
Hermione10 is the other tribute;

Rebecca Clearwater is the doctor who tribute;
Raiarna m the potterhead is the hunger games tribute;
MERECAT is the poetry tribute;
Pony mad book lover is the Harry potter tribute;
Chaotic. Is the historical fiction tribute;
Brxken Addictixn is the YouTube tribute;

Rhapsody is the Sherlock tribute; 

The Doctors Daughter is the Crossover tribute.


As you may have noticed, we're a little bit behind in some districts with the volunteers. We would appreciate it if some people would volunteer for the districts or genres with gaps in them. We've decided that even if you volunteered before, as long as you weren't reaped you can volunteer again for an empty place.


If you have any questions, just ask me (Tomato.), Mirlotta or Annabeth Shadownight.


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