MockingInk *3rd Writing Games*

Are you a hidden author, waiting for your chance to get more readers? Well, look no further. Sign up to this years Writing Games and be in with a chance to win this Battle of the Stories!!!
Commencing January 31st - apply before this date!

Tribute to previous 2-time winner, Prodigy.
Cover made by the amazingly talented River Summers


3. Rules

Do not apply if you aren't available or have lied about one of the qualities of the oath in previous chapter.

If you apply for a district e.g. 10, Harry Potter and Poetry: if you wanted Harry Potter but you are reaped for poetry, you still have to compete. Pick a district you are comfortable with both Genre and Fandom.

Cover Stylists and Judges are picked on reliability and experience. Mentors are picked on first volunteer. 

Even though this movellas has been published now, the Games do not begin until February 14th (the reaping announced February 1st)

If you are not picked, please don't hate. The reaping happens like this: I write all the names down, jumble them up and pick two out at random. 

If you took part in the last games, you are welcome to apply again. 

Just because you have entered the District does not mean you will be reaped.

Each District has to have at least two members in before the reaping can begin. It will begin earlier if Districts are organized quicker than anticipated.

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