MockingInk *3rd Writing Games*

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Tribute to previous 2-time winner, Prodigy.
Cover made by the amazingly talented River Summers


6. How the First Round will Work

Since it doesn't seem to have been explained already, this is how the first round is going to work:

In the first round, all tributes reaped should take part. They will have, starting on February 14th, one week  to write ONE CHAPTER ONLY for their chosen district, and publish it in a movella. (E.g. - the romance tribute will write romance, the Sherlock tribute will write sherlock Fanfiction.) 

Their mentor will coauthor their movella, and provide them feedback accordingly, so their entry is as well-written as possible. I will personally comment on anyone's first chapter (prior to judging) if they don't have a mentor. 

After the one week period of writing time is up, the judges (myself, Annabeth Shadownight, and Tomato., and I'm not sure if Zoe's just a host or also a judge) will read through the work. 

The ten entries with the most likes are automatically through to the next round. (This is like the equivalent of sponsors in the Hunger Games.) This is why it is the tribute and mentor's jobs to mumble about the movella to get people to read it. 

The other movellas entered will be read thoroughly, and the judges will come to a decision on five movellas that will be out of the round. If a tribute does not enter a movella, they are automatically one of the five tributes out of the round. 

To enter your movella into the games, it must have been published on February 14th. You cannot re-publish old material, unless you have severely edited it. To submit your movella, post it in the comments with the name of your district. 

I hope this makes things clearer! 

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