MockingInk *3rd Writing Games*

Are you a hidden author, waiting for your chance to get more readers? Well, look no further. Sign up to this years Writing Games and be in with a chance to win this Battle of the Stories!!!
Commencing January 31st - apply before this date!

Tribute to previous 2-time winner, Prodigy.
Cover made by the amazingly talented River Summers


1. Districts

DISTRICTS (And the GENRES they specialise in) :

District 1: Romance 
District 2: Dystopian
District 3: Sci-Fi 
District 4: Diary
District 5: Fantasy 
District 6: Adventure
District 7: Journalism 
District 8: Thriller and Horror 
District 9: Paranormal and Supernatural
District 10: Poetry 
District 11: Historical Fiction 
District 12: Realism 
District 13: Other Genre


DISTRICTS (And the FANDOMS they specialise in) : 

District 1: Film and TV 
District 2: 1D
District 3: Divergent
District 4: The Fault In Our Stars
District 5: Percy Jackson

District 6: Other Fandom
District 7: Doctor Who
District 8: Hunger Games
District 9: Bandoms
District 10: Harry Potter
District 11: YouTube
District 12: Sherlock

District 13: Crossover 


(A few Districts were changed because of lack of participants we hope the new Genres are better suited. Thank You - Annabeth Shadownight, Mirlotta and Tomato.)


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