The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


7. Chapter 6

hey here is the new chapter.

remember no one is safe.



Karen's POV

My brothers gone. I'll never be able to see him anymore, get his warm cuddly hugs anymore, or his lips on my forehead anymore. 

We were now looking for Gabby who ran off because of Ashlynn's comment. 

"Guys..I'm sorry....for acting like a total just really scared." Ashlynn stated as teased rolled down her cheeks. Everyone stopped and gave her a sympathetic look. She looked weak, and terrified. Ashton went up to her and gave her a tight hug.

"Lets go find Gabby." Ashton said before he placed a light kiss on Ashlynn's forehead. 

After twenty minutes of terrifying silence I heard a trail of things breaking. I feel like I'm the only one hearing things. 

"Aliyah do you hear that?" I asked. She looked me then back at Niall.

"No, maybe its just the wind, love." She stated. THE WIND, that's the oldest excuse in the book. 

"Rose, do you hear it?"  Rose shot her head back at me. 

"It's been silent for twenty minutes I don't hear anything." Rose spoke as Harry tightened his grip of her hand. 

Taylah and Sariah looked back at me with questioning looks. "What, do you hear something?" Taylah asked whilst Luke rubbed her shoulder. 

I nodded my head slowly then everyone surrounded me.

"What are you hearing?" Madeline asked. 

"Stuff breaking." I gulped. Caitlin looked at me weirdly then at Ashton who was beside her and Ashlynn. 

"I can assure you nothing is breaking." Annalise said reassuringly. Ella Jay walked up to me and gave me a sly smile. "Come on Karen, its just your imagination." 

I shook my head. "No. I hear it. It isn't my imagination." 

Right when I said that I heard everyone gasp. I turned around and there he was. My brother stumbling down the hallway. 

"Liam!" I cried out as I ran to him. "I thought I lost you, we all thought we lost you." Liam groaned in pain and held onto my shirt tightly. 

"You'll never...." He stuttered.

"Nice to have you back lad, you scared the bloody hell out of me." Luke said softly patting Liam's shoulder. Ashlynn gave Liam a tight hug and whispered something in his ear. 

"Liam, maybe you should just relax you look terrible." Madeline stated teasingly. A few let out small laughs and Liam gave us a sly smile. 

He nodded and we took him to the nearest couch. Then the noises came back. 

"Hey, Karen are you okay?" Kelly asked rubbing my shoulder. I hesitated to nod my head. 

"I'm here for you..don't forget that." Kelly said before she walked over to Luke.  

"Karen come over here!" Madeline and Rose yell out. I walked over to them to see they wanted. They made me look out a window, when I took a look I noticed someone. 

"Skylar? Is he trying to kill us too?" Madeline shrugged whilst she closed the blinds. 

"I thought you two were really close." Rose said with a curious look. 

"We are. I have no clue why he's here. Maybe he wants in." Madeline turned me to face her. She glared at me.  

"No one is coming in this house. We can't trust anyone." Madeline stated. I grew wide eyed at her words. 

"Madeline is right Karen we can't trust anyone, not even Ella Jay." Calum said teasingly by bringing up Ella Jay. 

She punched his side and walked over to Madeline, Rose, and I. 

"Guys we need to find Gabby!" Mikey shouted. 

"He's right." Kelly said getting up from the arm of the sofa. 

"I'll stay here with Liam." Caitlin said whilst she scratched the back of her neck. 

"Okay babe, I love you. Always remember that." Ashton said before he kissed her. 

"I think I'll stay too, and help out with Caitlin." Sariah said kissing Michael's cheek before sitting on the couch. 

"Okay be safe, now lets go find Gabby." Taylah stated whilst she dragged Luke out of the room and us following behind. 

The noise came once again. Everyone stopped and looked behind them. 

"Do you hear what I hear?" Ashlynn asked. Ashton and the others nodded. 

"See it wasn't my imagination." I sassed. Everyone rolled there eyes. 

"Lets just hurry up and find Gabby and find somewhere safe to go." Kelly said with a shaky voice. 

"Kelly's right." Luke said with a concerned facial expression.

"Gotta love the purge." Aliyah sighed. Madeline shook her head as she chuckled softly. 










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