The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


4. Chapter 4


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Niall's POV


"You sure that's all the windows?" Kelly asked as she looked out a window. I nodded as Aliyah put her head on my shoulder.

"Maybe we should go ahead and go back. We're probably safer there then here." Aliyah said as she lifted her head.

"If that's what you want, love." I said as we began to walk down the hall.

After a ten minute walk we finally made it back to the living area. I plopped on the couch as I heard the others running into the room.

"Holy fucking shit, guys there some fucked up shit happening." Harry stated out of breathe. I stood up and gave him a 'well duh' look.

"Harry this is the Purge, of course messed up shit is going to happen. We have to stick together, and look after one another." I said rubbing the side of my face.

"I agree with Niall." Kelly said seriously. Michael nodded.

"Yeah blondies right...there is a huge group of people outside of my house, we have to make sure no one gets hurt." Michael said scratching the back his neck. Luke looked worried, like something was bugging him. I could tell Calum, and Louis looked pissed.

"Guys.... I need to share something with you." Luke said slowly walking closer.

"I may have gotten my group lost.."

"Really Luke, I knew letting you do shit on your own was a mistake." Michael said getting aggravated.

"But a girl named Dani was in one of the rooms on the east side of the house. She told me to warn you to watch out because there's only a certain amount of time before they kill us and spread our blood all over the walls."

Ashlynn started to cry but Ashton comforted her.

"So it is true..... we are going to die." Karen said pacing the room.

"No one is going to die! Guys have just a little hope." Liam said putting a fake smile on his face.

That's Liam for you, he always tries to look at the bight side of things.

"How can you be so sure Liam?" Karen asked almost in tears. Before Liam could say anything I began to hear a song.


Today's the day lalala

the day I get to kill.

One by one they go lalala

weapons up let's start the game.

The blood on their faces lalala.


"That's sounds just like.." Calum said before Louis cut him off.

"The girl with the knives."

"D-Dani." Luke stuttered.

Michael ran into the kitchen and grabbed as many sharp objects as he could, then returned back.

"We have to stick together. This is serious, we can't have anyone die tonight." Zayn said as Annalise hugged him from behind.

We were all roaming the rooms, trying to find good places to hide in. We entered the game room and that's when it happened. One of my closest friends had gotten shot.








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