The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


3. Chapter 3

Okay I never really realized that people would love this sooo much

So thanks to those that are continuing to read my fanfic.




Luke's POV


"Luke I'm going to fucking kill you if we survive this." Louis whispered into my ear. My eyes widened.

Why are they blaming me?

Calum is the one who opened the fucking door anyways.

I didn't intend for us to get lost.

The woman that was standing there sharpening her knives walked closer to us.

"Look please could you like....not kill us?" I asked, whilst everyone glared at me.

The woman looked straight into my eyes and just laughed. Her laugh wasn't beautiful it was like the sound of terror.

She walked up to me and smirked. She placed a blade softly on my jawline. I gulped.

"Look blondie, I'm not here to kill you....yet." Her knife slowly moved down my neck. "This is what you would call a warning."

"Umm....what are you...warning us about?" Calum asked from behind me. Her eyes shot off me and moved to Calum's.

"To warn all your friends that we mean business and no one will get in our way."

"We?" Madeline asked.

"My friends and I have came here to get rid of you all. I simply came here to tell you watch out because we don't play around. Tell your idiotic friends that Dani said to watch out because there's only a certain amount of time before we kill and spread your blood all over the walls."

She quickly removed the blade from my neck and jumped out of the window. I fell to the floor panting heavily.  

"I think we should lock that window." Taylah said closing it shut and locking it.

"Luke!" Ella Jay shouted. I looked up at her. She had her arms crossed as she glared at me.

"We could have died because of you!" Louis shouted as he held onto the collar of my shirt slightly lifting me from the wooden floor.

"Guys we don't have time for this! Stop fucking fighting, I know Luke made a mistake but we would not have gotten the warning if it wasn't for him." Taylah shouted. Louis groaned as he let go of my shirt making me fall back onto the floor.

"Let's just lock these fucking windows and get the hell back to the others." Calum said rubbing Ella Jay's shoulder.


Harry's pov:


"That's all the windows." I let out a small sigh as I kissed Rose's forehead.

"Okay, maybe we should head back now." Annalise stated, I nodded my head as I intertwined fingers with Rose.

As we walked in the dim-lighted hallway I heard a bang up against the wall. 

"Please tell me I wasn't the only one that heard that." Karen said with wide eyes.

Maybe I didn't want to believe what I heard either. Rose tightened her grip, making my hand slightly numb.

"Let me check it out." Zayn said unlocking his arm from Annalise's. I grew concerned for him, no one knows what's going to happen. 
Zayn and I walked over to where the noise came from. I observed the walls carefully until I made it to a window that read Are You Ready To Die?

Zayn and I panted and bolted back towards the girls. "Let's go now!"








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