The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


2. Chapter 2

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 Ashton's POV

"Michael?" I asked. He turned back towards us and signaled us to come to the window. I slowly walked over to the window not believing my eyes. A huge group of people holding various weapons in each hand. I've never seen Caitlin so scared in my life. I turned her around to face me. I place my lips on her forehead and let out a small sigh.

"Sweetheart, it's going to be fine. We're going to make it through the night, I promise."

"Don't promise things you can't keep Ash." Caitlin said gazing into my eyes.

"Just believe me, babe." I said as I rubbed circles on her back.

"Guys let's finish the windows." Ashlynn stated wanting to get away from the window. I intertwined our fingers as we walked down the hallway.

"You know we're gonna die, right?" Ashylnn asked everyone. I glared at her.

 "Really Ashlynn...why can't you stay positive? Not everyone wants to believe that right now." I snapped.

Ashlynn shrugged. "I'm just stating the obvious, I mean come on were a house full of idiots, its bound to happen."

"Sadly not all of us are idiots." Michael said as he locked a window. "Like Ash he's smart, Luke on the other hand, don't count on him."

I let out a laugh until the lights shut off. The girls let out their screams. I reached into my back pocket and retrieved my phone and turned it on flashlight mode.

"Caitlin, Ashlynn, and Sariah go over to that corner. Michael you come with me."
Michael followed close behind. It was dead silent until the lights came back on.

" What the bloody hell is going on?" I sighed slightly exhausted. Michael groaned as we walked back over to the girls.

Caitlin ran into my arms and held onto me tight.

"'s okay i'm here now." I said stroking her hair softly. Ashlynn was staring at me with a disgusted look.

"I think that's all the windows, lets go back." I nodded and followed behind him.


Luke's POV


"Luke do you even know where we are?" Ella Jay asked, I could since she was getting irritated, hell everyone was.

"Psh...yes..I've been here a thousand times." I lied. Madeline rolled her eyes as she had her arms locked with Louis.

"Luke....please tell me we aren't lost." Taylah pleaded.

Truth was I had no clue where we were, we've been lost for maybe half an hour now.

"No baby, we aren't lost." Calum glared at me and said. "Luke, lad, face it we're lost."

Louis nodded. "Yea, maybe Cal should lead."


"No Luke, baby it's for the best." Taylah said as she softly kissed my cheek.

"Fine, okay.....whatever you say."

We were all walking until we noticed something strange.

"Hey guys? Do you hear that?" Madeline asked. I nodded as I heard someone singing and a shrieking noise following afterwards.

"Yea, it's coming from in there." Louis said pointing at the door at the end of the wide hallway.

"We should check it out." Calum said walking towards the door. I followed behind him, whilst the others followed behind me.

Cal cracked the door open and saw a girl our age singing as she sharpened her knives, as she slowly stood up and turned to face us. 


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