The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


12. Chapter 11

Hey Heres an update..sorry for the wait i was thinking

about if i wanted to continue writing.

buttttttt i still wanna write so here you go.


Niall's POV

I was holding on tight to Aliyah's hand as she sat close beside me. At the moment everyone was just thankful to be alive. All of us were scattered across the room. Most of us were with our girlfriends and or sisters. We only had a certain amount of time left before the purge ends but it's still gonna be hell.

"Niall.." Aliyah said slowly. I looked at her and smiled widely. 

"Yes baby?" I asked before placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Promise me that if I don't make it and you do, that you'll move on." My smile then faded, I could tell Aliyah was beating herself up about this. I moved her onto my lap and looked her dead in the eye. "Aliyah, I love you and we're going to make it through I promise you. Baby I know you're strong enough to make it through this, you give me hope and you give me the urge to keep staying alive."

"Niall.." I cut her off by placing my lips on hers. After our lips moved apart Aliyah hugged me tightly.

"Niall I love you." Aliyah sniffled.

"I love you more Aliyah."




Everyone was relaxing it has probably been ten minuets since my conversation with Aliyah. Harry and Rose were asleep, Luke and Taylah were making out, Gabby was cuddling up with Liam, Calum and Ella Jay were in a deep conversation, and the others were out looking around for Skylar who weirdly disappeared .

Before we knew it the lights shut off, then a loud boom with a vibration following behind.

"Niall?!" I heard Aliyah cry out. I could hear the others trying to find their way to me and Aliyah. I grabbed my phone and shined it across the room.

In the corner I noticed a shadow. Not a tall or small shadow, it was disfigured. I gripped onto Aliyah as Luke walked towards the shadow. Taylah was pissed that Luke would even think about doing what he was doing. Once Luke was now standing in front of the Shadow my phone died, meaning no light. All of a sudden I could heard Luke screaming for help. I ran the best I could over to him by the sound of his screams, but I kept tripping over objects. The last time I tripped the lights turned on, to reveal no Luke. He was now gone, I don't even know where he is.

"Luke!" Taylah cried out. Rose, Aliyah, and Ella Jay hugged onto her to try their best to comfort her, which was nearly impossible at the moment. All of a sudden multiple footsteps came running towards the room we were in. The door swung open to reveal Michael and Ashton. "We can't find Karen or Ashlynn, they were with us but then something weird happened now their gone." Michael said out of breath. "And Madeline and Kelly are badly injured."

I could hear the girls cry out.

"W-we lost L-Luke too." I stuttered

"Man I dont know whats going on." Michael stated as a tone of anger came out. Right before Ashton was going to speak his jaw dropped and he put his hand over his chest.

"Ash?" Calum asked.

"Ashton!" Taylah shouted. Ashton soon let his hand down, revealing a tip of a knife, Ashton had been stabbed.

"Ashton!" Michael cried out. With that Ashton fell down to the ground revealing his killer.




R.i.p Ashton you will be missed.





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