The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


11. Chapter 10

Hey, guys there is one graphic scene (not like sexual) so yeah...

This is Mic, so ENJOY!!



Louis's POV


We had found Luke, Aliyah, Harry, Rose, and Ashlynn together in the hallway. We really thought that Caitlin and Ella Jay were goners, but now we had bigger matters to handle. I knew we needed to find someplace safe for all of us. We noticed Karen in Harry's arms. Madeline, Caitlin, and Ella ran to comfort her.

"Guys, I think we should find a place to just rest. As you can see, running around the whole damn house isn't helping." I rubbed the back of my neck, as I felt a light kiss on my cheek.

"Good idea, Lou." Madeline whispered smiling.

"Great idea, mate." Luke said doing a head count of all of us.

Then, as if he came out of the shadows, Skylar appeared. I noticed all the girls get tense and it made my blood boil. He stood there with a cocky smirk like the fucking Purge wasn't happening around him. I didn't trust him for a minute. He had such a creepy vibe. 

"Let's go find the others, lads." Harry began to walk away and we followed behind.

We walked to the living room and all of us sat for awhile discussing the possible safe hideaways. Mikey mentioned that there might be a cellar.

"No,Let's make it a place that isn't compact. Cellars would be too predictable. We can't risk anything, not with these girls here." Niall said pulling Aliyah to his chest.

Niall was usually never protective over anything, but food and I admired his want to protect her. I felt that's what we all wanted. To protect the girls and get the hell out of here.

"Mates, maybe we should do this more quickly...." Ashton's voice sounded a little uneasy.

 Caitlin let out a small cry and Ash held her tightly. I looked around. It seemed everyone was scared, but I had to stay strong for my group. Liam let out a groan from the couch. I almost forgot he had been wounded. The girls started to crowd him.

"Guys, give him some space. Mikey, do you have a first aid kit? We can't let it get infected. Rose can you get a knife?" Ella knelt beside him and Gabby helped him remove his shirt.

"Ella? Is it going to hurt him?" Gabby asked wearily.

"It's bound to hurt, love" Calum said placing a hand on her back.

Gabby nodded, but you could see the scare in her eyes. 

"Gabby, sit behind him and straddle him for elevation. So, the bleeding will be less. Liam, don't worry. I got this."

Once all  the proper things were in place. Ella examined the wound. She used Zayn's lighter to sterilize the knife. We all watched in fear of what might happen. 

"Should you be doing this? This isn't like the game Operation or some crap, it's real life." Skylar glared at her.

She rolled her eyes and poised the knife on the wound. Liam was biting down on a cloth. We watched as she held it at an angle, while applying pressure and dug the tip of the blade into the flesh around the bullet. Gabby began to cry as Liam started to tear up. We all sent comforting words, then calmed down as she went deeper and blood began to surface. She had serious concentration. She pressured it and the bullet came to sight. She used a sanitary wipe to pick it up. Then, she quickly cleaned up the wound and put bandages around his abdomen. Liam held on to Gabby tightly and they thanked Ella. She smiled and with very shaky hands hugged Calum. Then, Caitlin joined in. Soon, we all did.

"Right now," I said. "All we have is each other. Guess that brings friends closer."

Liam and Gabby got up and joined also. Suddenly, there was a large creak and footsteps from upstairs. 

"And enemies even closer." Zayn said.


Hey, I hoped you enjoyed it...

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