The Purge

"Where will you be on the night of the purge?"


1. Chapter 1

This is my new movella.

It's a little unique so I hope you guys enjoy it.




Michael's POV:

I was sitting on my sofa beside my beautiful girlfriend, Sariah. We had a few people over for a little get together. My lads Luke, Ash, Cal, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, along with their girlfriends, and lastly Mine, Liam's, and Ashton's sisters were here.

We've been having a blast, to be honest. Nothing could ever make this moment of happiness end.

I heard my tv make a loud shrieking noise. Taylah, my sister gave me a concerned look. I got up from the sofa and turned up the television and made everyone shut up.

The tv read.


This is not a test.

This is your Emergency Broadcast System.

Announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge

sanctioned by the U.S government.


Weapons of class 4 and lower

had been authorized

for use during the Purge.




Governmental officials ranking of 10

have been granted amunity

from the Purge

and shall not be harmed.


Commencing at the siren

Any and all crime

(Including murder)

will be legal for 12 continuous hours.


Police, Fire,

and any emergency medical services

will be unavailable until

tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m

when the Purge concludes.


Blessed be our new founding fathers

and America.

A nation reborn.


 May god be with you all .


"Oh my god, what the hell was that?" Ella Jay, Calum's girlfriend asked almost in tears.

My lips were parted, not wanting to believe what my ears just heard. Sariah hugged me from behind and I could tell she was scared to death, hell all of us were.

"I don't want to die!" Kelly shouted as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Guys we need to lock all the fucking windows and doors, I'm not dying tonight."  Niall said as Aliyah, his girlfriend held onto him tightly. At this moment everyone in the room was freaking out.

"Niall is right, we should split into teams to lock all doors and windows." I spoke boldly. Everyone looked at each other than me.

"Guys I'm on Michael's team, he's had so much Call Of Duty experience, it's kind of hard to say no." Ashton sister, Ashlynn stated. Luke smirked at her and looked back to Ashton.

"Lad, your sister has a brain." Ashlynn glared at him and walked over to Sariah and I.

"Guys I don't think I can do this, this wasn't suppose to happen, not tonight, not ever." Zayn's girlfriend, Annalise said putting her head into her hands. Zayn walked over to her and kissed her forehead. "We're going to be fine, babe I'm not going to let anything or anyone hurt you."

"Guys come on, we need to lock the fucking windows and doors! Like the Irish guy over there said im not dying tonight."   Gabby, Liam's girlfriend said yanking Liam off the kitchen stool.

"Hey no don't swear!" Ashton yelled at Gabby.

"Irwin we could die tonight, let me do what the hell I want." Gabby sassed. Everyone got up and started forming groups of six.

Caitlin and Ashton made their way towards me. Ashton was slowly rubbing her shoulders. That's pretty much what any guy can do to comfort their girlfriend at the moment.

"Hey can we tag along with you?" Caitlin asked with a shaky voice. I nodded and grabbed Sariah's hand whilst I embraced the time we have together.

"Okay we need to know who is with who." I shouted, everyone turned and looked at me.

"Me, Rose, Annalise, Zayn, and Liam's sister Karen." Harry said locking arms tightly with his girlfriend, Rose's arm. I stared over at Luke who was kissing Taylah. I cleared my throat making him stop. Why did he have to date my sister?

"Taylah, me, Louis, Calum, Ella Jay, and Louis's girlfriend Madeline." Luke said pointing at everyone. I looked directly at Niall who was messing with his hair.

"Oh..Uh.. Me, Kelly, and Aliyah." I nodded.

"Okay stay with your group please, I'm mostly talking to you Luke because your a fucking idiot." Luke glared at me, I love teasing him.

"We should probably get flash lights, just incase the lights go out." Madeline spoke softly. Louis looked at her with the biggest smile. "That's a great idea, love."

I ran into the kitchen to only find three flashlights. SHIT.

I handed Luke, Harry, and Niall a flash light.

"Where's ours?" Ashton asked looking at me concernedly.

"We have to use our phones. But the lights are still on so were good.' I stated as I grabbed Sariah into a tight hug.

"Let's go!" I shouted. Everyone rushed out of the living room and to separate areas of my house. I will admit I do have a fairly large house. As we roamed the halls for more windows and doors, I happened to walk by a window and noticed many figures standing a few yards away.

I gulped and locked the window shut.

"Let the purge begin," I said underneath my breath loud enough for my group to hear.








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