~Water World~ (Pirate Two)

Venture the blue for your lost memories. ________________________________________________________________________________ This story is another story if you've read ~Water World~(Pirate One). But it's also about adventures.


2. Assassin

The city was busily preparing the incoming festival that will occur this month. The crowds of a very unruly citizens that walks all over the market place almost squeezed along the way. It's now the merchants' very lucky day! People have been gathering from all over the place buying and selling.

And there stood a person above the roof wearing a black and white dress with her innocent look. She smiled as she watched a man move along together with a well dressed woman. The boy took out something from her sleeve taking out a piece of folded paper. On it was a picture of a woman and the price taken about for her dead head. She prepared her gun as she placed some bullet on its cylinder while whispering a very short enchantment.

The wall side started exploding as the smokes gives a short fog on the way. The commotion started to call out and she pointed her gun pulling the trigger with it. Then she started to walk away.

"50,000... just good enough for a day." she mumbled as she disappeared together with the swirling wind.


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