~Water World~ (Pirate Two)

Venture the blue for your lost memories.
This story is another story if you've read ~Water World~(Pirate One). But it's also about adventures.


2. Assassin

† uhmm. Hey! I just made a huge revision over this chapter so... Yeah. Enjoy reading!


The city was busily preparing the incoming festival that will occur this month. The crowds of a very unruly citizens that walks all over the market place almost squeezed along the way. It's now the merchants' very lucky day! People have been gathering from all over the place buying and selling.

And there stood a person above the roof wearing a black and white dress with her innocent look. She smiled as she watched a man move along together with a well dressed woman. The boy took out something from his sleeve taking out a piece of folded paper. On it was a picture of a woman and the price taken about for her dead head. She prepared her gun as she placed some bullet on its cylinder while whispering a very short enchantment.

Her voice was like a buzz of bees flying around a hive of honeys. She closed her eyes and now rose her gun as though she was praying for it in the mere wind that blows very strongly that her hair had waved flawlessly enchanting like a river.

The sun beggining to be covered by a huge bag of clouds that looked as soft as cotton, shading up the blue sky a bit dim.

Then the wall side started exploding as the smokes gives a short fog on the way. The commotion started to call out and she pointed her gun pulling the trigger with it.

Then she started to walk away as a boy fell on his knee still absorbing the shock and numbness given to him as his chest produces drops of red liquid. His hand landed on the floor as he tried to stop himself from completely falling. Unfortunately, he was helplessly dead. He stumbled on the dusty ground and rested forever.

"50,000... just good enough for a day." she mumbled as she disappeared together with the swirling wind.

The sun begins to peep out of the clouds again as the sunny afternoon continued like an endless commotion and riot as they saw the dead man out of the picture of the living. The horrified people tried to help him but it was useless.

The peaceful place had been ruined by deviance...


"Give me more beer beauty!" A man demanded. His eyes were sore and the way he spoke was like his tongue was all twisted. He is drunk.

As the waitress disappeared before his sight to get him another set of drink, he saw another image reaching its step towards him. Getting closer and closer until his blurry vision registered a familiar recognition towards the blurry figure.

The girl had sat in front of him and scoffed. "Too much drink you got there." She smiled fakely before crossing her feet and entwined her fingers together as it leaned on the table.

"Oh yes, my lady. What do you want this time? I already delivered your little toys so you don't need me anymore." He said pertaining to the gun and bunny toy that she got.

'Let's be good buddies shall we?" The girl whispered. "Who the hell am I?"

The man remained staring. His blurry vision doesn't matter on tracking the girl's grey eyes that looks really dark now. The servant had finally came back and served him the liquor. "Thanks beauty!" He exclaimed and slapped the lady's butt that made her jumped in surprise and squealed a little before glaring back at the man as she rolled her eyes and stomped away.

"You know I could kill you if you won't speak. Worse that that..." She said in a tone of warning.

"Oh come on, my lady. I won't feed you something that you don't want to know." He said as he drank thirstily on the liquor. "If you really want it then find it yourself. Your identity isn't going away anyway."

"And where will I find it?"

"Oh come on, my lady. Its not like I'm an information giver to a kid with no memories?"

The girl rolled her eyes heavenwards as she massaged her aching temples that must have been caused by the man's presence.

"I don't even know where to begin with."

"Well. A clue for you will be holy gate." The old man drank on his beer after mentioning the word.

"Holy gate? What's that?"

"Ya' find that out ya'self milady. Your life is sacred that no one's allowed to take a peek of your real life. I'll be dead by a second if I were  to tell."

"Okay then." She stood up and reached out a satchel on her bag. "Pay your drink and take care of yourself from now on." She uttered slamming the bag of coin in the table as it made a clung like the sound of chains.

"Goin' to find it now huh?" He chuckles. "Bet you'll regret once you find out."

The girl stared at him a little while before her lips twitched into a smile of bitterness. "Its probably better than not knowing anything, master." She replied, turning her back at him and started walking away.

The man looked down on the liquor with a tamed smile. "Truth huh?" He laughed to himself and drank on his bottle. "Kids don't know how to get contented nowadays." he said and shook his head lightly in pity...



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