Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


44. The Internationals

All the groups were ready, Aura had already sent so many wizards off to the other states. Her blood was pumping, the last few hours were very stressful for her. Ludwick comforted her along the way, the kids gave out certain information, some of the internationals were very hard to persuade. But once Aura spoke to them, there was no hesitation. More hours went by and there were a few more wizards they had to get to, but Aura knew they were on track. She had made many coffee's and teas for each and every wizard, thank god to magic. She made sure Holly's nose was alright and she stayed with Fita. She was still shocked after the death of their father. The Pierce family was known for it's power, they were feared by some of the enemies to magic. Some of the internationals had enough time to join Aura's group. Some from Africa, some from Indonesia. Aura sipped her drink, she knew she was doing the right thing for the family.



Sectus returned to the office, he was no in any mood to fight with Dean. He burst into the office. The Great Lord turned to him. "Sectus, what's wrong, did you get attacked?" He asked, but Sectus shook his head, "my own daughter is planning against me!" The Great Lord closed the book ans set is aside, "we'd better hurry, i don't mind just one of your family members taking their side, but I don't want anymore losses". All of a sudden a wizard burst into the room. "Master we have a problem!" The Great Lord lunged towards the young wizard and grasped him around the neck, lifting him off the floor. "I've told you before, never barge in like that ever, especially when I'm busy!" He yelled. Sectus lowered his head, knowing that he too did the same thing, if he wasn't in this position The Great Lord would have him in his grip as well. "I'm sorry master, but it's really urgent!" The young wizard pleaded. He fell to the floor, coughing and spluttering. "Well i haven't got all day, now spit it out!" The Great Lord yelled. "They're recruiting the internationals my lord". The room went deathly silent. "When.... When did they start doing that?!" He yelled. "Not that long your majesty, they did start today, what do you think we should do?" He asked. The Great Lord grabbed Sectus's arm tightly. "This isn't going to be as easy as i thought".

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