Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


21. The Chase

The phone was picked up, a voice was heard, a female, she seemed to sound as if she had been running. "Hello, is this Austin's sister?" Seth said, he had no clue if she would answer, "yes it's me, you must be the father of the kids?"

"Yes, that's right, is that lady still with you?"

"No, she disappeared after injuring my brother, i think she was after your kids sir". 

"Alright, well i'll come to your house, we'll treat your brother, and you need to tell me everything you know, is that understood".

"Crystal clear".

He hung up and turned to Austin, "your sister seems alright, but your brother has been injured badly, we're all going to head over there, the lady is gone also". Austin looked around, some wizards were still looking at them with confusion and annoyance. "we'll take my car, its just outside" he said. Fita, Golong and Ludwick sat at the back, comforting their father while Austin drove. "So who planned to save my kids, how did you even get into that building?"

"I use to deliver things to that building, but after the great lord came, i recently got fired, but people forget about that and let me in anyway, i just can't say anything about it. I always wanted to be seated in high seat in that room, i followed some wizards and ended up in there, where your kids were bound, i knew they were too young to be charged so i decided to save them". Austin still remembered leaving one of the kids behind. His heart sank. "Well, i'm glad you were at least able to save three, better than not having them all". Seth said, Austin was relived that Seth wouldn't go off at him once again. Austin could see his house from here. He was afraid, afraid that woman would appear out of nowhere to kill the kids. He could see a figure standing near the house but to his relive it was just his sister Salaya, a rug over her shoulders as she patiently waited for them. Once the car stopped, the kids had jumped out and given her a bone breaking hug, "alright, guys I'm already as bad as i look". She brought them all inside, Gamma was on the sofa, he didn't move. "Is he dead?" Fita asked, Salaya had grabbed a wet cloth a gently placed it on his fore head, "no dear, he's just tired, i have to use some ointment,or he'll lose too much blood". She grabbed a small vase, slowly she began to pour it on Gamma's wound. "You are after the lady who did this?" She looked at Seth who immediately nodded. "Yeah, this may be a little hard to believe, but she might be related to me". The room went silent, Salaya almost tipped the who vase of ointment on Gamma's wound causing him to cures out aloud, she quickly dried up the remaining liquid. "How did you not know about her being related you then?" She asked, Seth shrugged, "well when i married my wife, she never really spoke about her family, if i brought it up she'd change the subject". Gamma opened his eyes, looking straight at Seth. "She's one hell of a fight you know that", he laughed but regretted it after a wave of pain hit him. Seth looked away, a complete embarrassment that the fact that his problems have gone on to other people. "Well, i guess we can still help, no one has died, and we're out of the shadows now, i think it's best to keep in going" Salaya said as she wiped her hands on the rug. 


Seth sat at the table, Gamma was healing fast, he was already sitting with the group, sipping away at his coffee, Austin was trying to put more magic into the globe and Salaya was combing Fita's long tangled hair. "So what relation is she?" she asked Seth, who looked up from a book. "She's my sister in law, my wife's twin sister". Salaya raised her eyebrows, "wow, and to think she would come to kidnap your kids". Austin smiled as the globe started to sputter back to life. "I think i got it guys!" Everyone was at the globe, waiting for it to do something amazing. Seth sighed, "first, can i just check something?" He asked Austin, who nodded, "Peirce family tree" Seth said, the globe glowed, sparks flew out, causing all seven wizards to back out. A huge family tree appeared in front of them. Seth instantly went looking for Baloc, sure enough, he was what hr thought he would be. Baloc's picture was faded, he could barely see the name. "He really is dead isn't he dad?" Fita said, tears welled up in her eyes. Seth comforted her, he knew that he had to be better than this, he lost one child and he wasn't planning to lose any more. "Okay, i want to know more about this great lord, i only know a little from the book that the kids had, tell me what you know please" Seth said to Gamma, who put down his cup. "We use to work at that building where Austin claimed to have got the kids, we were kicked out and so they have taken over the whole building, i don't know if they are there still, because we went back there and there wasn't anyone there". Seth leaned back into the chair, "that can't be right, so you say you got kicked out, and then when you go back again, there's no one there". Gamma nodded, "i know, now that i think about it, it is kinda strange". 

"There must be some kind of illusion of some kind".

"What makes you think it's an illusion?"

"Come on, the great lord is known in the world, i think he'd like to stay in hiding so that the government of magic wont get him".

"Alright then how about Luciano, the spell that can be used on muggles mainly but on wizards to, you cast it and then the person you casted the spell on has no clue that there is anyone in the room. It can also be used on rooms, so everything doesn't seem to be there to whoever walks in". Seth smiled, "then i think we should pay our great lord a visit then".

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