Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


22. Sisters By Blood

Holly was able to get Clementine out of the house to meet her sister, sure enough as what she expected from her sisters was utter shock and confusion. "Did dad have an affair with another lady or something?" Natalie said, she examined Clementine, who tried not to move away. "Well it's kind of a long story" Holly said, t was time to tell Natalie and Avril about what happened to her, she couldn't keep it from them forever. "We need to get to dad now, he's got a lot of explaining to do right now!" Avril said as she pulled Holly and Natalie with her. "Clementine, you can come along with us, you're our evidence!" Clementine raised her eyebrows. She saw a man with dark hair striding towards them. "I think you guys better stay with me, there's a scary looking man over there". She pointed, the girls turned to where the man was, in an instant they burst out laughing, "oh sorry about that, that's our dad... What's he doing here?" 

Gale was relived to see his girls all together, they seemed surprised to see him. "Dad what are you doing here?" he heard Natalie say as he came up to them. "Well you guys are very late, you've been gone for three hours". The girls looked at their watches, "oh, sorry dad, we were so engrossed with the books, and Holly seem to find something interesting so she left wit Thistle wack the cat. We just met up with her now". Natalie folded her arms and stared at Gale, he felt very awkward around her sometimes. "Alright, well at least you three are alright... Natalie, mind telling me what's on your mind?"

"Yeah, have you had any affairs ever since you married mom?"

Gale almost fainted in the spot, why would she ask such a thing, she's a little too young to ask such questions. "No, why - why'd you ask me that?" Natalie and Avril nodded their heads towards a lady who was standing next to Holly, her hair was a light brown and her skin was a little pale, she looked around his age or younger. "Uh, and you are?"

"Oh, Clementine FlitterBeak, they think i'm your child".

"Oh, is that so, how old are you?"

"Thirty three years".

The girls watched carefully, "well i don't believe you are my daughter, and i never had an affair outside" Gale said. Clementine laughed, "Very true, you aren't my father, don't worry, your daughter here came to me because she found my book interesting". Gale smiled at Holly, who tried to pretended she was there. "Something about blood children i was talking about that got her". It had all gone silent, Gale stared at the lady, "I'm sorry what?"

"Blood children, I wrote about in in the book, Holly came to me to talk about it". Gale knew that he had to talk to this lady, he thought no one survived and that his daughter was the only one to do so, but this was a great find, but that would be that he'd have to spill the beans to Natalie and Avril. "Well, um, i'd like to have a word with you, are you free now?"

"why yes i am".

"Well, you can come with us then".


Holly, Avril and Natalie were sitting on their beds whilst their father was talking with Clementine. "So what's all this blood children?" Holly finished plaiting her hair, "you guys weren't born yet, but I had been kidnapped when i was little and i drank the blood, so now his blood children are my brothers and sisters, i am related in a way". 

"That, is so cool, so what's it to it?"

"Well, first, it's like a deal you make with the master, he will put a spell on the family, so they can't be harmed, but you must do as he says or he'll kill you, but the spell won't be broken until he gets his children to hunt the rest of the family down".

"So that means, we're still under the spell because you're not dead?"

"Yeah, i think that's it".

Natalie looked away, "i can't believe you didn't tell me this earlier". Holly knew she would have to answer this, but before she could answer her father had come up, "girls, we need you down stairs". Natalie completely ignored Holly, Avril was the only one who still had no clue what was going on. They all sat down at the table, "okay, well, this is hard to explain, but i think Holly has already said most of it though" Gale had said, he saw Natalie who didn't bother to look up. Holly looked away as well, he sighed, "it's hard to believe, but we kept it from you girls for a while, it was a very dangerous secret".

"Yeah, well it wouldn't hurt us would it?" Natalie said, crossing her arms. Holly rubbed her temples, "look i know to you it's all one big adventure, but it's not, it's a very dangerous thing to know and it was best you weren't told unless you told someone".

"I never tell secrets!"

"Oh yeah, remember when you told Mary's group about me hating Mary, that hurt me, but i never wanted to hurt her, I just didn't like her personality, so part of that bullying was your fault". Gale cleared his throat, "okay girls, we aren't here to play the blame game, let's change the subject, I've hard that your uncle Peirce has go this kids back". Holly sat up straight, "really, are they okay?"

"Uh... Well he didn't say, but he sounded alright, not they way i expected him to be, but we'll meet him soon, and when we get there I need you to be gentle with them".

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