Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


33. Sectus

Sectus wrapped the coat around his body, it was freezing. He watched as people started to head into the building. This was the place where the man he made a deal with, was hiding, he would just have to confirm his ID and he'd be in. He followed the people into a dark hallway. There were picture everywhere, once he looked i=he instantly knew the message it was sending. A huge door now stood in front of him, he sucked in some air and went in. Inside there were many people, they talked to each other in a language he had no knowledge of. "Ah is that my fellow servant Sectus?" He heard a booming voice. He looked up to see the man, he was different, actually he wasn't sure if it was the man. "Don't worry Sectus, I am the same man you set the deal with many years ago, but i have a new name, the great lord is my name". He landed with a thud, next to Sectus. A man appeared near the great lord, he was younger than Sectus. "Who may this be my lord?" The young man asked. "This is my old friend, he was also my trusted servant, i thought he was dead, he will be taking your place".

"What, but sire, you can't possibly do that to me!"

"Dean, i know you've done amazing, but Sectus knows more than you do and i don't want to lead you into things that you wont understand". 

Sectus could feel the burning gaze of Dean. "Anyway Sectus, i'd like to take you to my office, i have lots to tell you about my plans". The Great Lord said as he hurried away from Dean. "You know you could just have two of us that do that same ob, i don't want to be in his bad books sire". Sectus said, he did feel bad for Dean, he was young, whilst Sectus was in his forties. The Great Lord shook his head, "no, I forbid that". He opened a door which led to a big room. "I want to wipe all wizards out of this world, only my blood children can live in the magical world... Do you understand?"

"I understand". Sectus said, he liked that idea very much as he smiled. The Great Lord continued, "First with the blood children, they must kill their relatives in order to live". Sectus stood still, he remember his daughter, Sutina, the young girls who's life he had ruined because she had married the wrong man. He knew that she had never forgiven him for it. He just wondered where she was. "I am making an army, we will fight, but the problem is, we had a break in and some wizards know of our whereabouts. We were only able to kill one of them". The Great Lord bit his bottom lip. "I must send Dean and you out together to find them for me please".

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