Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


49. Not Many Of You Left/ Battle prt 3

The Great Lord sneered at the falling wizards, his children were destroying them. He threw a curse towards a batch of wizards, he was going to take the lead once more, and without his brother in the way, he was free. "You are weak, there isn't many of you left, why don't you just give up!" He yelled. One particular wizard threw a spell at him. He easily dodged it. "We aren't weak, why don't you give up because you know you'll lose!" He watched as the young wizard had floated up to him on one of the broomsticks. "My children are getting stronger by the second, and you're wasting innocent wizards lives!" He snarled at Ludwick, who stared at him with a sneer, "think again old man" he said. There was a blinding light from above, the great lord shielded his eyes in shock, "what the hell -". He was cut off when a huge force had pushed him down. Ludwick laughed in relief when he saw a huge portal that formed above their heads, the internationals had come, flying through the portal in rows of six, only to scatter as they were at ground level, striking every enemy they saw. He saw some familiar faces, Solana, Sutina, Laya his auntie, Frost his godfather and so on.

"Come on guys, stay in six when you fly through the portal, follow the group in front, as long as you're together, you'll be able to strike them down, scatter in groups of three!" Baloc yelled as he stood next to the portal entrance, guiding the internationals through. "We're heading into a bloody field!" He yelled as he threw himself into one of the lines and flew into the portal. It was worse than what he expected. There were bodies everywhere, he couldn't tell who was on his side, they were all mangled and bloody. "Shit, I don't believe this" he said under his breathe as he threw a ball of light towards of a group of blood children.

Gale flew through the portal with his two daughters by his side, "you two, stay with me, i don't want you flying off, we need to find your sister and get out of here!" Gale said. "But i thought we were going to fight?" Natalie said. "This is no time for arguing, we need to get out of here!" He snarled, quickly dodging some curses, he flew to a lower level, keeping his eye out for a blondish brownish hair colored girl, praying that she wasn't one of them bodies. 
Holly opened her eyes, her head was spinning, why wasn't she dead, she realized that the old wizard, that was lying on top of her, had blocked her from a cursing spell, he saved her, when she really didn't want to be saved, when he fell he brought her down with him, causing her to hit her head, he was to heavy, trying to move, bodies were surrounding her, she couldn't breathe. Screaming when a pile of dead bodies landed on her, her rib cage felt like it was going to break, looking up, she could see something, or someone moving towards her, her mind was racing, one of the blood children had found her. She shut her eyes, ready to be cursed, but all she felt were strong hands grabbing her shoulders, and the bodies on top being removed. She could hear a voice, she just burst out crying when the voice came to her ear, "Holly come on girl, are you alright?" She heard her father's desperate voice call out to her. Her vision had gone back to normal and she was looking at his flustered face, Natalie and Avril were behind him who gave out a sigh of relief, "come on we need to get out of here!" He said to her, but Holly gripped onto him and shook her head, "no dad, we've got to stay and fight!"

"You've been hit in the head, come we it's not safe here!" Her father said, Holly knew she had hit her head, but she wasn't going to let that stop her, "you're being a coward dad, now come on!" She snarled at him. "I don't wan't to lose you... Any of you!" He said to her in a panic, Holly understood, but she wanted to do this. "Dad I love you, but I... We need to do this, to save the wizardry world, we can't stand by and watch, and i'd rather die form something worth fighting for, now are you with me or not cause i can fight alongside my friends, whether you're not there!" She snapped at him. Gale stared at her in shock, and then stared up at Ludwick who was dangling from his broomstick. 


Ludwick's grip was loosening from the broom, and his heart was racing as he fought to hold on. "You might as well let go, saves you from the spell that i'm gonna cast on you!" He heard the great lord snarl at him. Ludwick scowled at him and threw a globing orb at his enemy, who once again dodged and lunged at him. At that moment Ludwick was able to let go of the broom altogether and grip onto his enemy, sending them plummeting to the ground. "Let go you bastard, you'll kill us both!" He heard the great lord scream in his face. Both landed with a thud on the mass of bodies, Ludwick was a little winded, but he was able to get onto his knees "Redirio!" He screamed, and he was lucky this time as he saw the spell hit his target in the chest. "What!" He heard the great lord say as he stumbled back before realizing what Ludwick had done, "you little shit, you cut off my power!" He screamed in anger, Ludwick didn't want to tell him that the spell only last for a certain amount of time. He got up, holding his stomach. The great lord had already gotten onto his feet and was rushing straight at Ludwick, who braced himself. Both fell to the ground once again, Ludwick receiving multiple blows to the head and stomach, coughing up warm liquid, unsure that it was blood. "You're nothing, just like you're father!" He heard his enemy say. Ludwick tried to fight back, but his attacker was stronger than he was. He wasn't sure how long he was going to get beaten for, but he had to get away from the great lord before he finds out he had gotten his powers back. All of a sudden there was a splitting noise and and went straight through his body, opening his eyes he only saw white. "Illumiiegeo Satanuro!" He heard a voice. His attacker had fallen off Ludwick in shock. Staring down at his body he he instantly knew what happened. Someone had cast Satanuro in him, causing his body to emit a huge amount of light to stun the enemies if they were close enough. Strong hands had grasped his shoulders and pulled him up. "Are you alright?" He heard Gale's concerned voice. Ludwick nodded as the glow began to dim. The great lord had recovered fast and had his hands pointed straight at Natalie, Avril and Holly, who froze in fear. "One move and your children die!" he threatened them. Holly lifted her hands towards her enemy. "You make a move and you die" she said with a snarl. Gale and Ludwick slowly put their hands up towards the great lord, "you kill them, you go down with them" Ludwick said with a cold glare. The great lord smirked, he was the one who would take away the closets things in life from his victims. "Apearium!" He screamed as a bolt of red surged towards the three girls. There was a clap of thunder and a flash of light. Gale had wrapped had managed to wrap his arms around his daughters, his eyes shut tight. The noise of battle had stopped, it was dead silent. Gale opened his eyes slowly to the voice of his daughter, were they all dead, was this heaven? No it wasn't, all in awe as they saw a huge wall of light as it began to grow bigger in between their enemy and themselves. A booming voice was heard. "Reven, my brother, why do you choose this path", Holly smiled as she recognized Alatar's rough voice. Holly could just see through the magical wall. Alatar had descended near the great lord, who had his hands up in defense.

Alatar stared at his brother, who had his hands pointed straight at him. "Don't you dare come near me!" He heard his brother scream at him, Alatar looked over to see Holly and the others watching him, fear in their faces. "Reven, i know what you thought i did was wrong, but it was for the best -".

"You ruined me, you sent me away, it felt like a lifetime!" Reven spat at him. Alatar nodded, "i know, i wanted to take you out, but i was afraid that you would come out worse than before". His brother snarled at him and threw a ball of lightning at Altar, who rebounded the spell which collided back into Reven, he fell back, his hood fell off his face, showing a younger looking version of Alatar. Reven spat at him, his eyes were blood shot from crying. "I hate you!" Reven said. Alatar showed no hurt, he had gone through enough hurt to not show anything. "Reven... I don't want to kill you, i'd rather you alive than dead, just please here me out" Alatar said. He watched as Reven thought for a while. "I'd never do that, you ruined my life, i was going to make the wizard world better -".

"By destroying innocent lives of muggles and other wizards?" Alatar interrupted. Reven stared at him and hesitated. "The wizard world was getting too big and some wizards played around with magic as if it was a joke!" Reven said, Alatar had remember that Reven had been bullied continuously by a group of boys who used their magic on him. He knew this was some sort of revenge. "Reven, revenge wont get you anywhere" Alatar said, Reven's head snapped up to look at his older brother. "Revenge, what are you -".

"It's about Lori and his mates... When they bullied you and used their magic to do horrible things to you, unaware of how dangerous the magic was?" Alatar said. he could just see his little brother's lower lip tremble. "It might sound silly, but the world was never meant to be like this, it was meant to be perfect, we're wizards, not muggles!" Reven blabbered on, not knowing his brother was pacing towards him as Reven continued. "We shouldn't be seen to the level of the muggles, we're special, why do some wizards do risky things!" Alatar was only an arms length away from him before he spoke. "Reven, I know what you went through was hell, and i wasn't there for you to help you, believe me i tried my best to try and get to you. But they refused because of how dangerous you became. We aren't seen to the same level of the muggles we share this world with, but what's like without it's risk Reven, i mean what you're doing is utterly risky" Alatar said, Reven stared at him as Alatar put in, "there aren't any guards around here to capture you, i had t a choice whether to bring them, but i'm your brother and i'm the only person who might even turn to give you a chance". Reven stared at his brother, his eyes wandered to meet with the young girl who had stepped right up the magical wall, and was staring at him with fearful eyes but also comfort. "All i'm saying is you don't have to go through this, you won't be killed if you turn yourself in, I've made it clear to them, you haven't physically killed anyone yet, but if you killed those three girls, nothing I could do to stop the government from hanging you" Alatar pointed out. Reven then again stared at the girl who was now joined with her two other sisters, there eyes pleading. Reven stared around him, scanning the wasteland as it was once empty, but now covered with mangled bodies of dead wizards. This was getting ridiculous, "I can't do this brother, kill me now!" Reven yelled, as he grabbed Alatar by the shoulders, "what are you waiting for, you hate me don't you, kill me now!" He shook Alatar with suck force he was afraid he would break the man.

Holly watched as Alatar held onto Reven who was shaking him, yelling something in his face. "We have to get through, i think he's gonna kill him!" Gale said, Holly didn't move, Altar had given her a look, as if to say, don't. Her heart skipped a beat when Alatar struck his brother, watching the great lord falling onto his back, not moving at all. The wall broke, and the wizards were free. Holly had ran up to Alatar, her eyes landing on the great lords body. "Is he -".

"No, I've put him under spell, he'll wake until i lift it." Alatar said as he stroked Holly's hair. "In the mean time, go back to your family, you're wanted" Holly smiled at the old man who winked, gently pushing her away. She ran back into the waiting arms of her father. "Holly... About what happened back at home -".

"Dad it's not your fault, i wen tout when it was dangerous, you were afraid for me" Holly interrupted. When they broke apart Natalie had come to her side and punched her in the arm. "You know, if you told me about your plans I would have gone with you and so would Avril". Holly laughed, "yeah but then we would have killed our dad because we put him under a lot of stress" Holly pointed out, Gale laughed, startling all three, they hadn't heard him laugh for quiet a while. Ludwick joined them. "Are you guys alright?" He asked, he received a pat on the back, "you're the one who got the beating Lud, are you alright?" Gale asked. Ludwick massaged his stomach, "i'm alright, i have abs, so they protected me". The five wizards weren't aware of the three shadows approaching them, their hands outstretched, ready to attack. It was only then when Alatar yelled. Minty, Dean and Sectus appeared. "You killed our master!" Minty screamed at them, her hand aiming straight at Ludwick, who backed away. The three attacked with no hesitation, not caring that there were children. It was a battle of lights as curses were cast back and forth. Ludwick ran forward, dodging a spell that had escaped from his aunties hand, he collided with her, followed by the other wizards. "Get of you little shit!" She squealed. Dean and Sectus were stopped by Alatar and Gale. "You're weak, just like your brother Ludwick, i'm glad i was the one to kill him!" Ludwick's blood was boiling, she was sick, killing her own blood. "Go fuck yourself!" he screamed, "Ultima!" He yelled, Minty was knocked off her feet, "Death Orb!" He struck again, and this time she didn't get up. Gale stared into Dean's eyes, he was the splitting image of Seth. "You bastard, killing your brother!" Gale said. Dean laughed, "you would kill your brother if he turned his back on you!"

"No i'd reason with him, and if he doesn't help me, i'd forget about him!" Gale spat out before casting a spell. Dean ran at him, tackling Gale down, Gale was able to block some of Dean's blows, Dean was surprisingly slow, Gale was able to punch him in the face causing Dean to fall back. He wasn't sure but he thought he heard a crack coming from the younger wizard, who didn't seem to move. Alatar threw a spell at Sectus, who was backing away in fear to see Minty and Dean were down, he was now being cornered. "Sectus, I've heard of you" Ludwick said, "you scarred someone very close to you" he pointed out. "Mind if you remind him what the pain felt like Sutina?" Ludwick nodded up, Sectus spun around to see a young dark clothed female hop off her broomstick, staring at him with blood shot eyes. "You little bitch!" he snarled at her, but she ignored his insult. "You're not my father, you were never my father after you made that decision to ruin my life!" She said before throwing a spell straight at his head, decapitating it. Ludwick tried to hold himself, watching Sectus's head roll away from the body that went limp to the ground. He watched as Sutina didn't back away, there were no tears in her eyes, just pure anger. Looking around he couldn't see any other wizard in sight. Reven's children were very strong. "We have to do a search a rescue for the wounded" Ludwick said, he made sure everyone was alright, before sending the signal.


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