Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


11. Clementine FlitterBeak

Holly looked at her wrist, a deep scar was etched into her skin, a narrow escape when she was trying to escape the chambers. He sisters had no clue it happened to her, they weren't even born yet, but her father knew everything and he planned to keep it a secret from them. "Holly, we're going in town, wanna come?" Her sisters were at the stairs, "yeah I'll catch up, go on ahead". She was left alone once again, she still had nightmares about that place, were her friends going to be like her? She hoped not. Gathering herself together, she got dressed and headed downstairs, her father was at the table, "you going with your sister?"

"Yeah, don't worry I wont wander away from them".

Even though she was the eldest, after what had happened to her, her father was very careful and wanted to know where she was planning to go. She was able to catch her sisters at the bus stop, "we thought you were never going to come" Natalie said with a smile. Holly gave her a pleasant smile, "I'm not going to stay cooped up in the room all day, but schools already started, we wont see many kids around though".

"Yeah they'd be in their classes, it's awesome that we get home schooled".

She smiled, thinking about the good times at her old school , her father was much to busy to listen to her, and having his kids bullied wasn't making it any better for him when they would come home crying, so it was his idea to home school them. They hopped onto the bus, it took only a few minutes before they were able to get to the town, it looked deserted, but it wasn't. Kids were always seen hanging about in the town area, but not at this time of year. The girls paid and hopped off the bus, they had no clue where to go, but they were planning to go on a spending spree. Holly went to one shop, it was closed down, but she could just see through the tainted windows, there were spell books and potions. This was to help the students on their booklist. She wished that she stayed in school, but she had no choice. She followed her sisters further down to the road to another shop, it was closed as well, "this is open mostly for the teacher I think" Natalie said as she tried to look through the stained window. "Avril grabbed a lolly our of her bag, "want some, I have a few in my bag". Holly declined and watched her sisters opening the wrappers, she never had a sweet tooth, people said she was missing out, but really she felt fine, even if they ate in front of her. "We're going to the library, wanna come with us, or would you rather check out other shops?" Avril asked, Holly put her hand sin her pockets. "I'll go with you guys", she followed them to a big building, at the top read the Mortman Library, she use to go here alone, but after the attack her father wouldn't let her out unless he was there or her sisters were with her. Inside was cool and refreshing. There were a few people inside already, they had their heads buried in some books, "Isn't that Thistle wack?" Avril said, pointing at the white cat that sat on the table, glasses on its nose, it's paw placed on the page. "Yeah, I think it is, you don't see any of the muggle cats doing that do you?" Natalie said with a snicker, all three made their way to the white cat, who looked up at the three approaching figures. "Ah, Natalie, Avril and Holly, I haven't seen you three for a while, what brings you here, reading of potion exchange?"

"no, we're were just dropping by to read something, we're being home schooled now, so we can go as we please". The cat laughed, "well then, I can show you some of the new books we had received, I think you'll like them".

"That'll be lovely!"

He hopped off the table and headed down an isle of books, he stopped a big book, "hmm, it seems as though some of the new books have been take, this one is the only one that hasn't been picked up once". Holly grabbed the book out of the shelf, "dark magic". The cat jumped up on the shelf so he could see the book, "hmm, maybe that's why no one has taken it, it's pretty dark isn't it". Holly saw the writer's name Clementine FlitterBeak, she was interested in this stuff, but not in a bad way. "I think I'll read it, what's it in here for if it wont be read". She could see a glint in the cats eyes, "okay then, go a head". Natalie and Avril had found books of their own, all three sat at an empty table. Holly flipped over to the first page which talked about Whooshing potions, they transform you into anything, another potion that is used to stop all organs. She flipped over to another page, this page made her blood run cold, blood children, how did this person know about them. She read further, to become a blood child you must drink from the lords wound. Her mind flashed back when she remembered long ago, she was only four, she had no clue what was happening, just a dark figure was in front of her, she was forced to drink his blood. He was taken away instantly and put under a spell, it was the spell the Baloc, Ludwick Fita and Golong had broken, she tried to stay calm aware that her sisters were at the same table as her. "Thistle wack, is this writer still alive?" The cat jumped up onto the table and read the name, "oh yes, I know here very well, she's not that old, maybe twenty two?" He saw the page that Holly was on, "I see, so she knows about the blood relations?"

"You do as well?"

"Not quiet, I've heard of them and I had to try and save some of the children who were under his spell".

She couldn't believe she was hearing this from a cat. "I'm just going to talk with Thistle wack for a while guys" she said to Natalie and Avril who both nodded together, Holly followed Thistle wack to the counter, "tell me more about this lady and the great lord please!" Holly said, Thistle wack sighed and took of his glasses to clean them. "I was only ten when I had to do this job with the government of magic, I had to go on a journey and find the great lord, he wasn't under a spell then , so he was going on a rampage, he had many people under his spell. We were able to get to him as he was performing his ritual with a few wizards that he had kidnapped, Clementine was one of them, she had already drank the blood, but to end the deal that person has to die, she was the only one that survived, because she was with me".

"Did you look after her?"

"Sadly no, she went back to her parents, they were glad she was alive so they kept her safe until they died of old age".

Holly looked at the book, "you can have that book if you need it so badly", she smiled at Thistle wack, "thank you, I'll return it, I don't plan to keep it, do you know Clementine's contact by any chance?"


Holly was on the phone outside of the building, the ringing was continues, but she didn't care how long she would take until Clementine answered. A few more rings and then a voice answered, Holly wasn't sure what to say, she was frozen she shook herself, "oh hi is this Clementine?"

"Oh yes it is, are you wanting an autograph?"

"Oh no, I was wondering if you could tell me more about yourself since you had gone through the spell that the great lord had cast on you". The phone went silent Clementine answered, "oh… Alright then". 

Holly had to know more about this one man she had encountered many years before.


Seth stared at the pages of one book that one of the wizards had given to him, it was all he needed to know that his children had to be found immediately. Aura sat next to him, "I don't know where to start, we've got the whole world to look at".

"Yeah I know, but we gotta look at the best places, places we're we think our old enemy would lurk, we've known him well enough". Seth bi this lip, ignoring the pain. He had to know all the secrets before his boss did.





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