Four children living peacefully, they aren't normal, they were never normal, in fact they are wizards. Fita, Ludwick, Golong and Baloc are their names. They live in a muggle world, muggles have no clue that they even exist, but one particular spell will cause all the wizard to come together as an army and fight an old enemy that was accidentally summoned by the four children.
Seth must find his children before his boss or everything will go down hill. The battle is on as the internationals are brought in to fight for their world before it's revealed to the muggle world.


36. Alatar's Sons

Holly examined the compass that she had also picked up in the office, she had her back pack and was ready to go, her book told her where. First she had to find one witch, Alatar Sun, he was the one to help her. She was going to save the kids, she knew her father wanted to do something, but he was more interested in keeping his daughters safe. Holly got her bearings and continued walking. 

An hour had gone by and Holly's legs were starting to get sore. "Where are you Alatar ?" she muttered under her breathe. Her compass kept pointing forward, finally, out of breathe, Holly fell down, she had no clue where she was going. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. She grabbed her book and examined the directions, "head to the tree that is curved" she said, looking up, there was no tree in sight. She threw the book down, this was hopeless. Her blonde hair was falling out of the pony tail, she tilted her head back to gather her loose strands of hair. The next thing she knew she was pushed to the ground by strong hands, hearing voices at the same time. "Where'd she come from do you think, she's bloody young!" She could just hear. Holly's heart was beating fast as she struggled with the strangers. "Please, i'm looking for a wizard!" The hands on her shoulders loosened, "which wizard, because we're both wizards". Holly was hauled to her feet. She spun around to see two wizards, they looked around in their forties. "I'm looking for Alatar Sun, have you seen him by any chance". The two stared at each other, "you're looking for our father then... Come with us". One of them said, Holly had seen a picture of Alatar sun before, these two were his sons, come to think of it, now that she knew them, they resembled Alatar themselves. "So why'd you come here, no one come here unless it's really urgent".

"Its is, have you heard of the great lord?" Holly asked. The two exchanged glances, "well then", one of them said, "I guess you should continue following us".

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