Something Great

Liam Payne and Rose Andrews was best friends, they didn't go anywhere without the other one close behind. Until, the X-Factor. Liam left and Rose felt like she lost her other half. She also had a tiny crush on him. But when he left it grew. In 2013, Liam calls Rose, saying that Sophia(NO HATE!!) has broke up with him and he needs his best friend, besides the lads. She comes and stays, and tries not to make the crush so obvious. But Liam has a crush on her as well, and all he wants is her. They both want Something Great?


1. Preface

I watched my best friend, he was doing a Twitcam, and he was so in to it, that he didn't even notice I was throwing stuff at him. "I know you are there R." Liam said, making me laughed. "Leeyum!" I said, and he looked at me. "Rooosse." He said, in the same tone I had. I came over to hang out, but he decided to do a Twitcam. "We need to watch Cujo." I said. "Uh, hell no." He said. "Liam!" I said, acting shocked that he cussed. He laughed, he sounded like the old Liam.

"Well, I must go, I really don't want to watch a movie by Stephen King." He said, waving and ending it. I got up, we was gonna watch that movie, I don't care what he says. "Rose! No!" He said, sounding like he was talking to a dog. I started running towards my room, I heard Liam running as well. I squealed as I felt two warm arms wrap around me. "You know how much I hate that movie love." He whispered in my ear, making my heart skip a beat. I knew he hated it, so did I. "But." I pouted. "No babe." He said. "Now lets watch a good movie, like-" "The Shining." I said, naming off another Stephen King movie."NO!" He said. I started laughing. "You are so mean to me." He said and started carrying me back towards the living room. I giggled as I put my feet down, making Liam struggle carrying me. "Stop it." He said. He finally got to the living room, going to couch and laying down with me in his arms. He's been real upset after Sophia breaking up with him, and he asked me to stay with his for a while. It's been a month and he got over her, which I was happy for him, he was so sad.

We layed there, watching White House Down. "You're a baby." I said. "What?" He asked. "You are a B-A-B-Y." I said. "I'm telling on you." He said, making me giggle. "See." I said. He pulled e tighter to his chest, putting his hand on mine as it rested on my stomach. He rested his chin where my shoulder meet my neck. I yawned, and closed my eyes, falling asleep.


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