Bad blood

When zayn Malik cheats on his fiancé what will happen next

Read to find out more������!


3. the fight

(Melanie's pov)

When zayn came back home I asked him what is this (the note) he told me its nun of my business. I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink but some hit me in the back of my head and the last words I heard was its nun of your business stop ruining my life.

(10 days later)

I woke up in the hospital and my family and the boys were their except zayn of course.hey guys I said really weak all the guys looked up and they eyes were red and puffy my mom looked up and said that the wedding is off cause I not gonna let that bloody fuck hit my daughter.i was shocked I asked her how did u find out my mom replied with the doctor said I have a lot of bruises that look like abuse and the neighbor told me the whole story.i asked what about zayn they looked at each other and said he went to go out again.the doctor came in and said that she had good and bad news so I said start off with the bad news. (Doctor pov) well the bad news is that u have lost a lot of blood cause of the bruises and when u fell and hit something on the floor stabbed u and the good news is that the babies are okay

(Melanie's pov)

Babies! My mouth fell wide open wait when was I pregnant I'm not pregnant I said the doctor replied with yes u are 2 months and 12 weeks pregnant.i was so shocked I was trying to remember then it hit that was the last time me and zayn did it before he started acting weird so they released from the hospital I went home and I opened the door to find a have naked cunt and zayn all over each other I yelled ZAYN FUCKING MALIK he turned my way and asked me y was I here CAUSE I FUCKING LIVE HERE iTS MY FUCKING HOUSE I walked over to the room while the little cunt was smirking at me I packed my stuff and zayn yelling at me I got all my stuff and was about to go out the door but I remembered what the doctor said u are pregnant so I turned around and said and zayn the thought that of u being a father. What its not like your pregnant. Yes I am I'm 2 months and 12 weeks pregnant have fun with u little cunts and don't try to catch any diseases and with that I left I went to my moms house and settled there until I get another job and back on my feet

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