Bad blood

When zayn Malik cheats on his fiancé what will happen next

Read to find out more������!


2. rumors

I woke up in the morning and walked down stairs I saw zayn shriveled up in a ball so I walked to the hallway to get a blanket I laid the blanket on him and went to the kitchen and when I was making the bacon I felt large hands on I waist I jumped a little and burned my hand I winced in pain and zayn said if I was paying attention I wouldn't have burned my hand I turned around and slapped him on the cheek causing a red mark to form on his right cheek if u didn't scare me I wouldn't have burned my hand I turned around and turned the stove off and ran up stairs I turned on the shower and changed into this I Went back downstairs and zayn was gone so I turned on the tv and flipped through some channels and stopped at the news (NL=news lady)

NL:is one direction zayn Malik cheating on his fiancé with different girls each time he goes out zayn Malik was spotted last night and other nights with girls zayn has even got in a fight with paparazzi for bring up Melanie and the wedding does this mean the marriage is off

My mouth fell open a tear slipped from my eye I ran up stairs and went through his clothes he had on the night before I found a shirt with a pocket and I found a piece if paper it said when u want to to have fun again call me i started crying my eyes out

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