Bad blood

When zayn Malik cheats on his fiancé what will happen next

Read to find out more������!


1. late night

(Melanie's pov)

I have waited zayn for to come home for about 6 hours I call him he doesn't pick up so I decide to call Niall. (N=Niall and m=Melanie )

N:hey Mel how are u

M: I'm fine but buy a chance is zayn over their

N: no but Liam, Louis, and Harry are here

Then I thought to myself funny cause we said he was recording all day with the boys

M:I thought he was in the recording studio with u guys today

N:nope no recording all week and we haven't seen zayn since we came back

M:ok thx Niall tell the boys I said hi

N:no problem and they said hey



So I stayed up in till 2:00 in the morning waiting for zayn and right when it hit 2:49 came in a drunk zayn stumbling over everywhere I got up and ran to him so he doesn't fall and when I did he smelt like perfume zayn were have u been

Z: nun of your business

M:it is my business cause I'm your fiancé

Z:so u don't have to know every thing

M:I do if I'm going to marry you

When I said if I wanted to break down into tears cause I love him and if he wanted to be this way I'm done I went upstairs and left zayn their to leave a mess I took a quick shower and put this on

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