(Just saying)

He's cute and she likes him, so what?

Michael clifford is her bestfriend but will she ever realize she's falling for him?

Or will she move on with her life and continue dating Harry?


1. chapter 1

You got a boyfriend he's a total loser all your friends tell you that he's got no future but they like me. Just saying

"I don't see why you're still dating him," Nicole rolled

"He's a total cutie and jock, it'll boost my popularity status," I replied

"More like a total loser," Mary mumbled

I glared and she put her hands up in defense and then whispered "Michael's cuter," as she pointed to my best friend Michael clifford.

"Whatever," I say

~after school~

He barely takes you out if he does he's late and when the check comes he always makes you pay. You know id never do that. (Just saying)

"Hey so are we on for tonight?" Harry asked

"Yeah totally where again?"

"The pizza shop around the Corner," he smiles

"Ok bye," I reply

I then felt hands wrap around my waist, and fingers cover my eyes "guess who?" The voice whispered

"Is it an Australian dude with red hair and an eyebrow piercing?"

"You are correct," Michael said in a game show voice, as I giggled "hey beautiful,"

"Hey bestfriend," I turn around and poke him in the stomach

"What was that for?" He pretended to be hurt

"Man up," I told him

"Man up?" He chuckled


"Can a wimp," he picked me up over his shoulders "pick up you over his shoulders without a problem?"

"Michael put me down!" I yelled

"Only if you come with me and the boys to the pizza shop around the corner," he said

I frowned "me and Harry are going as a date tonight,"

He put me down and started whining "why do you have to go with him?" He said in a disgusted voice

"Cause he's my boyfriend and he asked me out,"

"Fine," he finished

____arrive at her house____

Michael is staying over at my house to help me for what I should wear. I took a shower and went in my room to change when I changed into everything but a shirt I couldn't get the bra clip so, I yelled for Michael.

"Michael!!!" I yelled a few times

"Yeah," he walked in "woah," and he turns around

"Just come over here and help me," I said quickly ignoring the fact I had no shirt on.

"Okay," he helps me clip my bra then instead of getting out sits on my bed and stares at me

"Michael why are you staring at me," I said looking for a shirt

"You're beautiful," I rolled my eyes at how cheesy he was

I finished up and later arrived at the pizza shop wearing high-waisted shorts and a crop top that says "perfect" on it.

I waited

And waited

And waited

And kept waiting...

Till finally he showed up, 3hours after when he was supposed to come.

~how's it going?~Michael texted



~yeah gtg I'll text you later~

This is going great..... Totally

Hope you like guys making new chapters later😘💕

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