Lover Not a Fighter

The life of Samantha Dallas certainly isn't a crystal stair. It isn't a straight road either. There's curves, bumps, trunks, animals, and all kinds of debris in her life. She thought life for her couldn't get any better. She wanted to leave. Until the Police Showed up at her door. Her life Began From there


2. UnPacked

We stopped for a bit the started up again. I told my brother to drive as I got changed in the backseat then I jumped into the passengers seat and I turned on some  music, wow North Carolina all the way to California. Long way, but we eventually got there. November 1st! At 4:30  is when we arrived at our condo .

              When we got there we entered. Well I entered the building to get the key to our condo. I went up the stairs to the condo, and I opened it up to see how large it was. Then Kody and Jamie came up with boxes which meant we start. It was only til' 5 hours later that we stopped bringing stuff up cause there wasn't anymore to bring. We laid on the floor a bit, well til 9:50., then we got to unpacking.After we finished unpacking the kitchen, we moved to another room. Then it wasn't til' 10:50 we got some help from 5 guys. Which made the unpacking faster. At 4hrs later everything was unpacked and we all collapsed into chairs and couched and learned to get to know each other til' 2:50. The boys who so kindly helped us their names were Nash,Cameron,Bryant,Hayes,and Matthew. We had to go to the pet store. And the store. The guys were willing to help is with that too. From the pet store we were getting 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 mouse's, 2 Fox's,and 2 rabbits, we entered  looking at all the animals and at the end we decided.

This  What we decided:

1 Pure white Fox. Jamie Named her Anila (Ah-Neel-Ah)

1 Gray and White Fox with One brown eye the other Blue. I named her Lailynn

1 White and Light brown Mouse we named Wanda

1 Pure white Mouse we Named Cosmo.

1 Bernese mountain dog Jamie Named him Woowoo

He was her nursing dog when she was a kid. So we already owned this dog just picking him up.

1 English shepherd with brown and White fur, with a Brown and blue eyes.

1 Light tan Bunny we Named her Sunshine

1 Pitch Black Bunny we Named him Midnight

1 Short hair cat that half of its face is black and the other half is tabby, yellow and Blue eyes Sam named her Lacie

1 munchkin cat Sam named him Yoda


And just cause we could we got an extra puppy

It was Pembroke Welsh Corgi. So we Named him Vader

We walked out with lists of pet food cages, and essentials for the animals, then we went to the store and got the food an  essentials and everything. When we got home we let the pets out well accept for the little ones so I mean the gerbils and Mouses. Cameron and Bryant held the bunnies. We let the animals get to know their new home. As we chatted with the boys               

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