Lover Not a Fighter

The life of Samantha Dallas certainly isn't a crystal stair. It isn't a straight road either. There's curves, bumps, trunks, animals, and all kinds of debris in her life. She thought life for her couldn't get any better. She wanted to leave. Until the Police Showed up at her door. Her life Began From there


4. SleepOver!

Nash is so sweet. I never thought someone would do that for me.

We 're entered the gathering and sat next to each other I went to go make popcorn I looked over at the knives. It's what I use to use to cut. I looked at it with disownment. I didn't want any part of the suicidal, cutting life anymore. Nash had me come to believe that my will is stronger than that. I will be able to over come it.

So for the rest of the Night I was having fun with the guys then we sat in a circle doing clothing Truth or Dare.

Pick truth and you pass have to take 2 pieces of clothing off

The more you pass the more it goes up by twos

Pick DARE an  You pass have to take 3 pieces of clothing off 

The more you pass the more it goes up by threes

"Sam Truth or dare?" 


"I dare you to act like you are dating Nash for the rest of the Games"

I nod 

"Nash Truth or Dare"

"Dare Ma lady"

"I dare you to kiss someone on the hand  whos playing is Game"

He reaches for my hand and kisses it,"Truth or Dare Jammiiiiee"


" is it true that you have some type of feeling for Haas?"

She blushed nd said,"Maybe" when  said that Hayes blushes.

"Truth or Dare" Jamie said towards me


I dare you  to

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