Lover Not a Fighter

The life of Samantha Dallas certainly isn't a crystal stair. It isn't a straight road either. There's curves, bumps, trunks, animals, and all kinds of debris in her life. She thought life for her couldn't get any better. She wanted to leave. Until the Police Showed up at her door. Her life Began From there


1. Cinderella

Have you ever heard of the fairy tale Story Cinderella?Of course you have. I mean who hasn't? My life is kinda like that, accept my happy ending will not have any magic involved.My name is Samantha Dallas. I was taken away from my family when I was a little girl I chose to keep my name, instead of turning it to Applegritter. I know that last name is Ridiculous! Anyways. I'm treated like cinderella. In here maid state. Accept my evil step mother is actually step father. I have no mother. The two step sisters,are actually one brother named Kody, and one sister named Kayla. Kody tries to treat me fairly, and like a Human being, he sneaks food for me, and does a bunch of kind things for me. Kayla on the other hand.... Well she does not... 

               One day while I was scrubbing the floors father continued to yell at me, frankly I got sick of it. I got sick and tired of the shit. My best friend and I have been saving up to move to California. She had about 575,000 in cash. I had about 750,000. Mostly cause father never really lets me go out. So I screamed at him, while Kody and Kayla were standing there watching us."I have had enough! I'm moving out as quick as I get the chance! I'm taking all the shit that I bought , and my shit. So thats including Kitchen Supplies, that whole living room, now that I think about it, you don't own anything, but the house. When I get out of here, I will take Brother Kody with me,and get in the car, I have bought, get Jamie, and Get the hell out of dodge." Father rose his hand, about to hit me in the face I squeeze my eyes shut, ready for impact only to realize it never happened. I opened my eyes to see my brother had stopped him.

                 "That is the last time I see you lay a hand on her, I'm so sick and tired of you abusing her. I'm so tired of your shit dad, I don't like how you punish Sam for our actions. We are not little Angels. For GOD sakes. Everyone knows Kayla Smokes weed and is a filthy Whore! New guy every night. What does he do snort up the cocaine of f your body. Then have high sex? But no. You punish Samantha. For Kayla purposely trying to get Sam introuble, and I'm d-" he got interrupted by a doorbell, I got to the door and open the door to find cops, with Jamie standing behind them with a smirk on her face, with her car and moving trucks in the background. The cops started to speak," Ma'am we have been notified that there has been abuse and neglect towards you for a while now. So we will have to take your siblings into custody for a foster home, and send your father to prison." I let them inside as I walked with them back to we're my family was standing I said to the cops,"You can do what you want but my brother stays with me. We are going to take him with us to California." The police nodded and says,"Take what is yours then go to California and live out your dreams. With the ones you love and who actually love you back. It was nice meeting you  Ms.Dallas. have a great life" and with that they were off.

              After they had left we started to load up. One moving truck was filled. Since it had Jamie's stuff. We filled our moving truck up half way as Jamie went to go get her money as did we. We all sat I'm a now empty living room and counted our money. I spoke," so all together 750,000 plus 575,000 plus 497,000 equals 1,822,000, and we already bought the house?" Jamie nodded , soon enough we finishes packing and putting things away and moved onto driving to California. I put our money in a pretzel container and and put it in our backseat.We were all pretty excited to finally be off to California. Just like that we were.

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