Lover Not a Fighter

The life of Samantha Dallas certainly isn't a crystal stair. It isn't a straight road either. There's curves, bumps, trunks, animals, and all kinds of debris in her life. She thought life for her couldn't get any better. She wanted to leave. Until the Police Showed up at her door. Her life Began From there


3. Chitter Chatter

I was sitting next to Nash since we were all in our condo. Nash asks,"What Kind of Game stations do you have?" Hayes responded for us,"I was  the one to set up the game room, Nash I think they have it all haha. Xbox 360,Wii,Wii U,Xbox 360 Kinect! ,Wii Kinect,Xbox One,Xbox One Kinect, All the PlayStation, and some more stuff. And they have like a whole bunch of games plus a refrigerator full of energy drinks and a pantry full of gaming food. It's Heaven!" Jamie says,"Yeah haha you guys can come in anytime you guys want. Eat our food play it games, you can thank Samantha for the consoles. They are all hers well accept for the Wiis. Well they are ours but but she insisted on buying the consoles." Samantha said,"Hey Guys! We have a Shit Load of Movies you guys should totally stay the night an we can have a movie marathon!" All the boys nodded  then I said,"I'll be Right back" they nodded and began to talk, as I went out to the balcony... a tear slipped from my eyes a  I looked down at my wrists taking my left Palm, my dominant hand. I rubbed  it over my cuts I put my arm away and looked up at the sky for a long period of time. Then a flash when off. I turned my face to see Bryant, he looked at the picture. "One time you have to let me me shoot you" I nod, knowing what he meant, I'm a photographer myself to be exact. Then he left my presence. I went back to the same Position looking at the sky. It was getting dark. I looked at the sky with hope. A flash went off. Thinking it was Bryant I said without looking,"Haha Came back for more pictures did you Bry?" Then I hear a voice that isn't Bryants," I'm not Bryant" I look over to see Nash an  he gets into the same Position I'm in only he doesn't look at the sky he looks at me."What's the Matter?" I shook my head saying nothing. He gave me the look of don't lie to me. For Some reason I could trust him. So I told him my life. From the moment I was born. To now. He listened to every word I said. I even trusted him enough at the very end to show him my cuts... then that was the only time he interrupted me. He said,"Sam, I understand you've had rough times.... but why...." This was the only time he didn't make eye contact for a while. Then I feel a drop on my arms... w-was he crying? How could  care already that much? He barely knows me. He  so sweet. He says looking up at me wiping tears away,"Ple-" I hug him , he was several inches taller than me, I might be exaggerating, but I was on my tilt toes. I hugged him tight. He whispered ' my ear,"Please....Please don't do it again. Don't even try to kill yourself again. Because if you can't live for yourself live for the ones who care for you. Who would be miserable if you left. You might have just met me, but I care. I feel you understand that. So please don't do it again" then he lets go. I nod my head then he sadly attempts to smile, as do I and he changes the subject,"Now let's go inside and go have some fun with the others ok?" I nodded with,"Ok" 

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