Bullied L.H.

Lizzie was best friends with Luke ,he thought he didn't need her.Oh he was wrong.Now he breaks girls hearts for money. What happens when Lizzie becomes Luke's target? Will it be true love? Or will Lizzie be left broken hearted?


1. Intro

Lizzie looks like Sabrina Carpenter if she was older

Beca looks like Bea Miller when she had blue hair

Hi! My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Lizzie. I live in Sydney Austraila. I go high school. My best friend's name is Beca. We get bullied. I cut but she doesn't. I get bullied by my ex-bestfriend Luke Hemmings. Beca gets bullied by Michael Clifford Luke's best friend. Ironic right. Anyway their group of friends play a sick where they said i love you you say it back the next you're left heart broken. So yeah here's my story.

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