Bullied L.H.

Lizzie was best friends with Luke ,he thought he didn't need her.Oh he was wrong.Now he breaks girls hearts for money. What happens when Lizzie becomes Luke's target? Will it be true love? Or will Lizzie be left broken hearted?


10. Chapter 6

~Luke~( shizzle got real guys)

I was listening music when Lizzie called me." Hey babe." I said." Help." was all i heard before the line went dead. I dropped my phone and ran out the door to Lizzie's house.


" Lizzie c'mon don't give up," I heard someone say. Luke." C'mon fight." He said." Luke Im right here." I said now yelling on the top of my lungs. But everything was still dark. Suddenly i saw Luke sitting in a hospital room with a girls lifeless body on the bed. She looked like me. Then i realized she is me. Luke was sitting in a chair crying.

Then I woke up.( Hahaha c'mon guys I'm not that evil😏lol) I woke up gasping for air." Lizzie. Lizzie. Are you okay? Ive been trying to wake you up for like 10 minutes now. I was about to get a bucket of water." Luke said concerned. I guess it was all a dream. I guess I didn't really wake up. Thank the lord it was a dream. And Im not Michaels sister. Then i realized i wasn't in my room. I was in the hallway where john showed me my birth certificate. Oh no." What happened?" I asked confused. " Well John showed you your birth certificate and you may have passed out cause your Michaels sister and then he called me to help wake you up or move you to the couch." Luke explained. Then John walked in with a bucket of water. Of course. I gave him a really look." What?" John asked acting like he doesn't have a bucket of water in his hands." Bucket of water really? I pass out for a few minutes and you result to water." I asked bot that surprised." Well you may have been passed out for 30 minutes." He said trying to act innocent." So you called Luke when I passed out for 20 minutes already?" I asked pissed." Yeah kinda sorry sis." He said." Whatever just help me off the floor please. " I said. Then I realized something I hadn't before. I had a anxiety attack because I don't know how Michael wolf react. And now Im having an panic attack. I ran upstairs and sat on my bed against the back broad . I started rocking back and forth trying not to freak out and failing. Luke came in followed by John. They both looked at me concerned. John had a ' is it happening' face. I nodded. He hugged me immediately and started whispering everything is going to be okay. Then Luke's eyes went wide. Then he ran over and started to hug me to. I have had these since my parents died. Luke and John knew how to calm me down. I grabbed mr.cuddles and kept rocking until I feel asleep..... Again.

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