Bullied L.H.

Lizzie was best friends with Luke ,he thought he didn't need her.Oh he was wrong.Now he breaks girls hearts for money. What happens when Lizzie becomes Luke's target? Will it be true love? Or will Lizzie be left broken hearted?


6. Chapter 4

*Lizzie's dream*

"Luke what are you doing?" I asked scared cause he had a knife and looked pissed."Oh nothing. Just gonna to kill you with this knife no big deal." He said . Okay now I'm having a panic attack. Yes i have panic attacks. Don't judge, this is a judge free zone. Anyway he came closer and closer.... Then I woke up screaming

*end of dream obvi*

Luke looked at my concerned and I broke i curled into a ball and cried."sh, sh, sh.Its okay you're fine."he said trying to clam me down. I finally stopped crying and I looked up at him." you okay now" he asked." Yea I just had a bad dream." I riled and smiled. I looked at the time and saw it was 1:30 in the morning. We laid back down and cuddled. I fell asleep to him humming a song I didn't know but I liked it so I just fell asleep.

*The next day*

I woke up to strong arms wrapped me. I looked up to see Lug sleeping and snoring a little bit. I just cuddled back into his arms and just lady there waiting fir 1 of 2 things to happen him roll over or wake up. Finally he rolled over and I was FREE!! I walked around since I was the only one awake.I started looking at old family photos and realized I look nothing like my family. Ill just ask John when Luke leaves. I heading back to my room to pick out clothes for the day. I felt a pair of arms around my waist. I tur around to see a smiling Luke. He pecked me on the lips." morning. beautiful ." I Blushed." morning. Luke." I said smiling at the floor. I went down stairs and made breakfast and John was up so we ate. Soon after Luke left and lolled at photos again. Then one caught my eye and it was a photo of me Luke and Michael. I looked a lot like Michael then it hit me....

Oh a cliffhanger! I know its bad but I'm tried and sick and my phone kept deleting it and not let me post so I gave up and Nicole is Ashton's girl. Bye nib my little penguins😘~Lizzie

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