Bullied L.H.

Lizzie was best friends with Luke ,he thought he didn't need her.Oh he was wrong.Now he breaks girls hearts for money. What happens when Lizzie becomes Luke's target? Will it be true love? Or will Lizzie be left broken hearted?


3. Chapter 2

Lizzie's P.O.V.

We arrived at his house and we got out. When we got we walked into his.'' This place hasn't changed a bit has it.'' I said breaking the silence.'' Nope, not at all.'' He repiled. As we walked in I saw Liz's face light up. She smiled and ran it me and hugged me. I gladly hugged back.'' I've missed you so much.'' She said.'' I've missed you to.'' I said. She was like my mom when my parents died. Oh, yeah I forgot to say my parents died in a robbery we had a long time ago. They got shot sooo yeah.'' Hey, You okay.'' Luke saaid snapping me out of my thoughts. ''What oh yeah I just thinking.'' I smiled.'' Okay then lets go up to my room.'' Luke said. Dragging me away from Liz.'' Bye Liz it was lovely seeing you again.'' I said. She smiled. When we got to his room I looked around. It looked like it did when it happen. '' So do you still have Pengy?'' I asked. He smiled. He ran to his closet.'' So you don't keep him on your bed anymore?'' I asked. ''Nope.'' He replied bringing out Pengy. I smiled when I saw him.'' Why not you used to always have him on your bed cause you said you didn't care about what people thought of Pengy?'' I questioned.'' Well I do now what's the big deal?'' He asked angered.'' I was just wondering.'' I answered. Damn bitch got a tude. He grabbed Pengy and put him back in his closet. Well I guess he's pissed. Damn haven't even been here 5 minutes and he's already pissed. He came back out with mixed emotions. It looked like he was pissed and sad. He sat on his bed and I sat on his twisty chair.'' Why didn't you want to be friends anymore.'' I blured out.'' I thought I didn't need you in my life and sooo I kicked out of my life thinking I'd be fine and then I ended up bullying you and beating you up and then playing a stupid for money.'' He replied looking at the floor.''Oooooooh'' Was all I could say. '' Yup.'' He said. Then I started thinking about what happened.

*flashback to the day they fell apart*

I was walking to Luke's house cause I always go over there during summer. I knocked on his door and he opened it.''What the hell do you want bitch.'' He snapped. I looked at him hurt.'' I thought you wanted to hang out.'' I said quietly.'' Why would I would to hang out with a bitch ass slut like you.'' He snapped again.''Cause I thought we were best friends! Jesus christ what the hell is wrong with you. God just yesterday we were best buds and the next I get this.'' I yelled.'' well were not cause I hate you you don't deserve to live or anything. And I'm glad your parents died you deerved it!'' He yelled back. And with that I ran home and went in to a deep depression.

*end of flashback*

I guess I was in deep thought cause I was crying into Luke's arms when I stopped thinking.'' What the hell were you thinking about.'' He said snapping me out of my thoughts. I got up and wiped all my tears and said,'' I was thinking about the day you didn't want to be friends anymore,'' I replied.'' I didn't know I hurt you that bad.'' He said'' You, Beca, and John were my only friends and you knew that,'' I snapped sobbing. And with that I grabbed my stuff which was my bag cause I had my shoes on and phone in my pocket. I ran out the door and to my house and into my room pass John.

John's P.O.V.

I was watching TV Lizzie came running in the house crying. Oh shit was all I thought because I knew excactly what she was doing........cutting. I ran to her room as fast as I could and tried to open the door.'' Lizzie please open the door. Please don't do it.'' I begged'' If you don't open this door I will kick it down.'' I said. She opened the door and fell into my arms balling her eyes out.'' What happened.'' I asked while putting her in her bed.'' He pretended that he didn't know that you, him and Beca were me only friends and that it would kill me if I lost any of you guys.'' She said inbetween sobs.'' Shh it's okay I promise you.'' I said trying to clam her down then realised she fell asleep.I tucked her in and kissed her forhead and watched TV on the couch.

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted on a while I'll start to post more often but it's hard with school and all but it will happen. Anyway here's something and I'll post more today but I just wanted to get something up. ~ Lizzie

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