Bullied L.H.

Lizzie was best friends with Luke ,he thought he didn't need her.Oh he was wrong.Now he breaks girls hearts for money. What happens when Lizzie becomes Luke's target? Will it be true love? Or will Lizzie be left broken hearted?


2. Chapter 1

Lizzie's P.O.V.


The sound I hear every morning and I hate even more each day. Any I got and walked to my closet.Got out my green day shirt and black jeans out with my vans. I got dressed and graabed my phone and headphones and ran down stairs. When I got down stairs I saw my brother John eating breakfast.'' Hey'' He said.''Yo''I replied. I grabbed cereal and made a bowl. When I finshed I put my bowl in the sink and grabbed a bottle of water and ran out the door. I got into John's car and he drove to school

*skip the car ride*

I got out of his car and said bye. I walked into school and found Beca at our lockers.''Hey gurl.'' Beca said.''Hey.'' I replied. I unlocked my locker and got out my books. Then of course he came up. The one and only Lucas Robert Hemmings. When he came up to me I cringed and closed my eyes expecting him to hit me or something. I opened an eye to see him with a confused look on his fade. I stopped cringing and looked at him confused.''What's wrong?'' He asked.''Well you normally hit me or something so I was expecting that.''I answered still confused.''about that I wanted to say sorry I thought I didn't ned you and well I was wrong and look what I turned out to do. Anyway I just wanted to say sorry and ask if maybe we can best friends again or at least friends.'' He said. I stood there stocked. He snapped his fingers in my face. I got out of my day dream and said,'' Sure we can be friends but it will take a little time to be best friends again.'' He smiled and said,'' Great and uh.. do you think we can hang out after school.''He asked. I smiled and said''I would  love that.''

*skip school*

I met Luke outside of school.''Hey you ready.'' He asked.'' Yeah I just need to tell John.'' I replied. He nodded and I walked to John's car.'' Hey why were talking Luke?'' He asked '' He was being nice today so Im gonna give him one more chance.'' I repiled. ''Okay just be careful alright I don't want you to get hurt again okay.'' He said concerned. '' Okay i promise and I'll text when I need to get picked up alright?'' I replied. He nodded. I walked back to Luke.'' You ready?'' He asked.''Yup.'' He smiled and we walked to his car. We got in his car. I am so happy were are friends again I mean I just hope he really wants to be friends again.

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