Steve Dulley and the Unexpected Car Dealership

Steve Dulley is looking for a new car. But when he gets to a car dealership, it is quite peculiar......

Guys, this is my first movella, so if you don't like it put it in the comments and try reading my other movella, which I am writing right now.


1. Peculiar Car Dealership

Steve Dulley was looking for a new car. He went to the car dealership that everyone recommended for him. This is what happened.


Steve walked into the shop. The manager said "Hi! My name is Lily. How may I help you?"

"I was looking for a new car, but I don't see any." Steve replied. "I only see toy cars."

Lily looked confused. "Those are the cars. See?"

Then Lily shrank down to action figure size. Literally. Then, she got into one of the cars. She drove it around,then got out,then grew back to regular size. " That is better for sales. Anyway, do you like it?"

Steve ran away, screaming, and decided he should probably go to a Ford dealership.

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