My poems written from 2015-2016


7. 7

I love all the little things

I've always been a sucker for details

And maybe that's why I love you so much

Because you have the most amazing details

I love the way you drink water

Like you haven't had it in weeks.

I love the way you laugh at my stupid jokes

And I love your laugh

I love the way you hold my hand

Like it's a puzzle piece only for you.

I love the way you move my hair

You are the only boy who's ever done it correctly

I love the way you get so worried

When you think I've taken a joke too seriously

And the look in your eyes

When you swear you didnt mean it

And I love the way you smile at me

And how you watch my face

When you think I do not see

And I love how you kiss my hand

As though I am worthy of that

And I love you

And I hope you love my details the same

Or I'm afraid I'll miss your details

And you'll have never noticed mine.

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