My poems written from 2015-2016


26. 26

I feel this rush

Another notification

Of reinforcement that

I'm pretty.

And I think

What do they see

In this girl?

Is this even me?

At school they're not impressed,

Though people are starting to treat me

Differently for it.

When people look at me,

Do they see kindness in my eyes anymore?

Or just another face

Of another

Self obsessed girl?

I wasn't in it to feel pretty.

I wasn't in it for this idea of "fame"

But now,

I fear I might be in too deep

And I don't want this to change me.

But I'm constantly thinking

"What could I do"

"What could I wear"

"What could I change

So these people will like me?"

Does my self-worth truly lie

In the opinions of people

Who don't even know my name?

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