My poems written from 2015-2016


20. 20

In this world we act as though it's black or white

Like everything's one extreme or the other

But what about me?

What about the average?

I'm not thin

I'm not fat

I'm not anything at all

And now it's a constant battle in my mind

Of who I should be

Do I lose weight?

Do I gain it?

Can't I just be this?

Why do I have to be one thing or the other

To be noticed?

Where's the representation

For the regular?

The more I look at this world

Full of ambiguity

I start to wonder

Where do I fit in?

I don't have anything

To show for myself.

Nothing about me is


I'm just normal.

And I wanna be more

But in this world it's harder

Than I ever knew

To stand out.

And I want to make a difference

But when nobody cares

It's so hard

To be anything at all.

I'm trying to find my way in the world

By just being me

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